Duty field schoolgirl is careful your disposition killed you
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The woman is perceptual, the man is rational. Although this word is a little absolutely, but also not without the truth. No matter the woman that is like great majority is on-the-job field, still be in affection in field, sensibility always is over reason. Sometimes, it is the sensibility because of the woman, obtained as different as the man inspiration and results so. However, when the woman shows exorbitant sensibility out of turn, also can cause inevitable loss. At this moment, was to arrive when we should manage him disposition well.
Had dominated oneself sentiment

Art art is the senior staff member of a large company, her ability is be obvious to all, no matter be working ability, still be literal level, all be the talented person that one running water averages the unit, this boss also is sufficient affirmation. At ordinary times, the enthusiasm of art art is easy, nature of forthright and sincere, it is to suffer person gay quite. But, into also Xiao He, be defeated also Xiao He. Of art art straightforward and do not add conceal, a big fear can be sometimes in on-the-job field.

Before before long, no matter be qualifications and record of service,the unit promoted, still be the female colleague that ability and outstanding achievement are inferior to her. Art art is angry very, at ordinary times boss with respect to special to this female colleague keep an eye on, what carries the main chance such as duty, raises to thinking her, the favour let her contract almost, the eye looks at the colleague that is inferior to his everywhere, a year in actually by " abnormality " promoted 3 times, but oneself outstanding achievement obviously tower above her several prepare, but boss is like turn a blind eye to, just let her persistently work well, and the main chance always does not have her what thing. This, the angry with art true art, the office that ground of her be filled with indignation runnings to boss goes " interrogatory " , and of Yi Zhengyan word with boss " academic " rise, but boss there the ground that prepared a few high-sounding already, although such boss still are done very awkwardly by art art.

From this later, the mood of art art is affected for a time, still accordingly times suffer desolate, the work in the same placing also dare not say with her easily. Art art is very afflictive, enrage again urgent nest fire, how do oneself also want to be illogical why to work did one pile, the work that heads arrangement also of can high level finish, why can always you please painfully? Treat that female fellow worker, also did not do the success with remarkable what, but what the family does not no hurry unbearably always is meddlesome and ceaseless. Through the analysis, although the reason is of many sided, but one the mainest is art art made the big fear in duty field, too the mood was changed. Come up against thing and problem to think more rarely why, handle affairs with feeling and mood only, want to do good work only, talk with outstanding achievement, play in humanness go up to lack skill too, often do not please painfully. Art art also wants to let his " adept " and " mature " rise, come up against the business that makes a person rusty however, she does not dominate her sentiment namely, although after the event feels to not worth, but cannot come down calmly namely at that time.
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