White-collar, teach you " 3 hearts " make the world
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Do not arrive 3 years by common language member the result of Yang Zhen of manager of natural resources of rising humanness power is --
Use up careful heart to take care " 3 hearts " make the world

Yang Zhen, one each is believed and the Sichuan girl of sunshine, enter Shenzhen from January 2003 after limited company of in relief software, by an integrated ministry average employee, rising the manager of manpower resource department that has stuff of many 300 IT for this. To oneself rapid progress experience, yang Zhen says: "I did not think final result, just want to accomplish each thing best. Just want to accomplish each thing best..

She is a common language two years ago member

By 2002, yang Zhen studies abroad from Germany go back to the motherland, bringing the student studying abroad's a ring of light, in seeking working course, although keep reducing compensation, but still everywhere be rebuffed. She recollects: "A when be in Shanghai well-known company is applied for, oneself leave at that time those who go out is monthly pay 8000 yuan, an interview official sneers to say spicily: ' of our company downstage, it is the undergraduate with here best this locality, the month does not enter 3000 yuan. " at the beginning of 2003, yang Zhen found the first after going back to the motherland formal job, enter Shenzhen namely company of in relief software is become a common language member. This is original by 8 from abroad the software of foreign capital IT that the person that go back to the motherland establishs develops a company.

With one one's heart has done each business

Yang Zhengang comes when company of in relief software, edge of substandard of culture of company of activity of employee of visa of China of application of employee of conduction foreign nationality of main and responsible help, organization, conduct propaganda is service the job. But, she cherishs this job opportunity very much, the word that uses her says: "I should work hardheadedly, endeavor to had done each business. Endeavor to had done each business..

Because this is company of an IT software, have very strong professional, when the book of intelligence application report that makes her responsible keep a company when boss, yang Zhen encountered the first difficult problem. "I do not learn IT skill one's previous experience, blend in a of this company very big bottleneck, it is I know a company far from what doing, hear engineers saying the design appears ' BUG ' when the professional problem of and so on, I once very confused. " Yang Zhen is recollected. But her with one one's heart endeavors to do each business best, hope to be able to know a company run, she begins and the colleague beside, engineer chats, consult study to them. Gradually, yangzhen understood a company run, completed this report finally.

In April 2003, the company has grown to have the dimensions of nearly 300 employee. The company transfers from each branches personnel comprises a flow to improve group, specific and responsible the problem that in finding out a company to run, exists, yang Zhen is improved to flow by arrangement at that time group, specific work even if talk with the employee of different position everyday, gather information. Work through this, she had farther knowledge to the flow of the company.
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