Duty field female counterattacks " vitreous ceiling "
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The woman that can take to senior position is rare forever, all these often needs to exceed constant pay ability to be obtained quite.

From will tell in the heart, most woman husband very be afraid of what put oneself in subject in the life locally, and the habit puts him in a passivity locally, we often hear husband of a few women plaint: The job makes we are kept constantly on the run, love makes our bruise again and again... .

The impression of a word of 3 wool is very deep: If you are harmed, yourself is wrong also. The worry that actually every woman husband faces is about the same, so called maturity depends on woman husband bear of force increase to complain no longer.

Are you a completist?

Actually, perfect creed is professional female in the numerous difficulty that face most the problem of core. They special care about others to be opposite the evaluation of him value and figure, for fear that makes a mistake or your person is looked down on. We often can hear the female anguish of those acute meaning enterprising to complain: They gave times doubler effort, get low person however the evaluation of half. Accordingly they are being gone after from beginning to end perfect.

Tang Yajun of president of Alexander fitness club thinks, in the past, average person feels certain to position certainly is the male exclusive, the woman is done impossibly, although have some of woman,have latent capacity greatly it seems that so, but gotten implantation chance is lower than the male. Manage the female elder can be counted on one's fingers of estate plus ascend body, the successor lacks example on administrative experience, because of this experience accumulate slow, preferment scope nature brushs a body easily and pass.

"And although female itself is depending on a minute of 9 minutes of actual strength, luck and rise to perch, the life that lives happy happiness impossibly also from now on " , tang Yajun says, "As the pioneer that breaks vitreous ceiling, these are so called " female strong person " be fixed eyes upon unavoidable by the masses, and this kind of finger be regardinged as, be evaluated constantly by other, itself is greatest pressure.

Liu Minmin of inspector general of administration of limited company of network of Shanghai Yue nimble says: "I am firm from course of study special keep one's eyes peeled, for fear that makes a mistake. The result is behaved not only to lack adventurous spirit, and others of beyond the mark still attention is evaluated to mine, always considering what kind of answer just is correct. But, through painful harden oneself, I learned to believe my judgement and ability. I say gladly now, below major case, I am correct. Everybody can make a mistake, it is the one part of the life. It is the one part of the life..

Wide a friend that tells clean of sea of cereal of market chief inspector, encounter a such problem: She once became sale inspector general in a company, this company has two sales chief inspector at that time, chief inspector of another male sale comes first, although she wants to compare male strong, strong however Debuduo, accordingly, from each respect, she is very tall to her requirement, arrive from professional figure work on the style, very professionalism, clean-fingered Yan Xiao, regard oneself as a male. As a result she was risen pair of total position, lead this man, but the sale chief inspector of this male, very angry, have kind of feeling that is insulted, so that they are in when regular meeting, the male sells chief inspector to say word of a few clodhopping avowedly to her. This kind of situation is troubled by very all the time deadlocked, final an abdication finish.
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