Open a colleague conceal nature
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alleged " popular feeling lies between belly " , although go to work together with you everyday next having a meal chatting colleague, may be the person that sells you minutes minute! Will quickly see those who sit in the fellow worker that your around controls conceal nature, had made be on guard to prepare with psychology, protect oneself well, avoid suffer harm.

Aries: Live below applause

Aries pursues which kinds of profession no matter, want to develop its disposition adequately only, can get affirmation and admiration. Suit to have the profession that challenges a gender most, the job is active businesslike, it is typical pioneer sex: The rich originality, advantage that loving to see thing, bright face is her, and be the person that work lays in applause, like to suffer her person affirmation. The difficulty that shows consideration for her, let her there is strong interest more on the job, but because autonomy is exorbitant, love project oneself, reason is easy with others on collaboration generation conflict, participate in feeling, applause and praising is the impulsion with indispensable job.

Taurine: Potential competitor

Take the organization collaboration, advantage that liking to have an insatiable desire for labour is Taurus seriously, but she the act style of that slow work yields fine products, unavoidable let impatient colleague look to go nevertheless. She individual character is gentle often is acting silent part, without too much opinion and ambition, the individual character of willingly bear the burden of hard works often gets the appreciation of boss, it is a potential competitor. She gentle is not abdomen of prime minister in feudal China in can the person of punt, if you hurt her inadvertently, she can be remembered well in the heart. Taurus but " banker " constellation, not only hardworking and thrifty also can be boss careful calculation and strict budgeting very much, having the path of some be economical.

Gemini: Rich and not essence of life

Gemini values whole human relation, can get used to new environment very quickly and associate with new friend; Handle affairs very businesslike, plus clever the capacity of meet an emergency that reachs crisis processing, so very denounce boss to like. Inherent and curious, hold very large interest to all people, thing, content, like to learn all sorts of new things, to the job of new left-hand seat, also can go up very quickly master, part of exceeding lofty or great is acted in the company. But having however " rich and not essence of life " defect, want to surpass her to be compared only " essence of life " .

Gigantic scorpion: Mood ascertain is errant

Gigantic scorpion the stability that has height to the job, be good at carefully watch what sb is doing and saying, all faithful post, live force is powerful, know the advance and retreat of meet an emergency between boss and colleague, and be good at build harmonious atmosphere, as strong as colleague collaboration sex, it is the colleague that gets along easily, get the subordinate of official loyal to his sovereign with admiring boss easily again. But, too the gigantic scorpion that the mood changes, often have the mood reaction of arise suddenly, very capricious, ascertain adventitious lets popular feeling give birth to hang back, but she can not conflict with person front, conversation always is clear and logical, let you can't help admiring her conviction.
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