The colleague that abides by duty field is regular
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Abide by regulation of staff of modern office field, the enterprise that has run oneself to you also is crucial. If you are already body buy is contemporary duty field or it is to prepare to throw among them white-collar, new to this kind " game is regular " be about to have more knowledge, ability and their harmony get along, enjoy the profit that such colleague relation place brings and fun from which.

Regular one: Fairness competes, do not play shade trick. 
To the boss, the ability that what they take a fancy to is you and originality can give a career brought vitality and benefit, the purpose of choose and employ persons is very clear, the level that so they promote to a high office and raises salary is your outstanding achievement, those who use is transparent competitive mechanism, and Ren Renwei kisses or helping the group that help a tie is big fear. 
And the colleague all round also is fed up with those jubilation that sow discord, the person that employs shade device, they are willing to have literary talent with those more and the colleague of inclination close gets along. What a lot of new industries need is a group cooperate, the colleague works overtime together constantly delibrate, for long coexist, each other understand more, become intimate toward the village bright friend, this bit of as human as traditional duty field relation differs completely. So you are not holding a colleague in the arms is " enemy " , " the enemy " prejudice, otherwise you hard base oneself upon, developed harder. 

Regular 2: Individual happy event is evil, do not enter duty field. 
The happy event that you have yourself is evil, but should remember leading this person duty field, the gang colleague because of you is likely very individualize, have oneself distinctive eye, every colleague is having his love like you, perhaps their dress dresses up or be the way one speaks or what he says what you do not like bearing, be fed up with for you even, you can keep silence, can not go absurd adds a comment, cannot be a bound with this more, differentiate congener with dissident, you are best can much dot " compatible " . Your include can win their esteem to you and support.

Regular 3: Individual privacy, need not exchange. 
Idea of the work in the same placing's lifestyle, idea is endless and same, a lot of private affairs do not like to let a person know. They compare other groups more the privacy that notices him defend counterpoises, so can not invade the other side easily this " feudal " , unless him the other side is active,speak of to you. Look in them, your affectionately asks about, "Are you the closest how ah? " what ask you especially is female (male) friend, or wife (fair) how ah this kind of topic, it is dull, the low quality conduct that does not have accomplishment, besides big and the land that turn answers you " still go " or " quite good " besides, they can be tight-mouthed mostly. When this means you and this kind of colleague to be together, can not intervene their privacy, otherwise you can cause the discomfort of the other side, and be this and regard as you dull generation, despised you. Also want to hold good measure to oneself privacy at the same time, others does not have fun at certainly the worry that shares you, must not regard the family as psychological doctor.
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