Duty field " grow greatly today " character chart
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Compare " evil of Jin Zhi desire " , " grow greatly today " of the political trickery in contend for apparent and gentle a lot of. Wanting also is should, whose give the heart to looks at Li Ying to love to attack showing a pair of innocent big eyes, face acuteness undisguisedly " each trying to cheat the other " ?

Probably, at gentle in show " of political trickery contend for " , should compare intense conflict more make a person impressive, also more apply to daily life. Just can cause then give a batch to grow to be confused today " check the number is entered " , at the same time playgoing, plaint at the same time play is like life.

Prevent Cui Shang Gong, requite kindness with enmity

Suffer seek a person: Xiaoyuan (35 years old, some designing institute works)

Remember " grow greatly today " in, empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of Zheng Shang Gong ever had said a word: The place of somebody, have politics. Right! In whole department theatrical work, I often admire grow greatly today " lucky gas " , every time by person calculate, she can trun ill luck into good. Of course, regard encourage as annals piece leading role, playwrite such arrangement give no cause for more criticism, but not be everybody can have in fact in that way " lucky " . Shang Gong of Cui of for example great villain in drama, she what deliberately plan all along, be carried finally to move Shang Gongan to be inserted in the underpants female circumvent beside however, really " clever turn over by clever by accident " . Look according to me, she is defeated in too pass material gain, actually this also is the big fear of the office.

Resemble be in our designing institute, because the job concerns to at ordinary times often the client has a meal please, have a client among them particularly astute, when having a meal previously, she often can make our branch holder, arrive greatly leader, small to clerk, one is not pulled. Later, the leader before withdraws house second line, her manner changed. Have a meal every time, she does not say a single word invite that leader, resemble knowing this like the individual, but she does not know, although withdraw house second line,actually this is led, but still be assigned personal responsibility for our branch, conversation has weight all the same. Look with me, in the office, most abstain from " the person goes tea cool " , those boss go all out through be being hit for years, concern dish of root fault knot, although be absent also hard to avoid has other interest to prop up, you too utilitarian word, the in the end that bear hardships can be him only.

To mount drive board room the position of highest Shang Gong, cui Shang Gong nots hesitate to carry tone Shang Gong with title deed bribery, reach place to wish eventually, should go up highest Shang Gong. After this, she thinks the Shang Gong that shift mix already did not use value, turn one's weapon around and strike, expose the Shang Gong that shift mix to receive bribery, pull her discontinue. Right now, grow to answer palace again today, cui Shang Gong arranged an underpants daughter to make designedly inside explore wants to capture handle, circumvent is long today. Underpants daughter is apparently grovel, to Cui Shanggong always follow sb's advice, actually she is the child that the Shang Gong that shift mix adopts as a child, borrowing machine want to be the Shang Gong that shift mix " revenge " . Finally, just about this underpants daughter exposed Cui Shang Gong, make this many travel recreant does not get die a natural death.
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