Politic: Dig the type of 7 big move of poineering good chance
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It is difficult to do poineering work, disentomb poineering opportunity is more difficult. Have the generation of a few people poineering drop, ascribe good luck is fortunately, alleged " the inadvertently Liu Chengyin that insert willow " . Nevertheless, the expert that studies originality thinks, originality is the one horn on the iceberg only, cultivated without ferial intention, good luck also won't such fortunately. So called good luck fortunately or the intuition of the 6th feeling, still basically be in because of the person that do poineering work ferial education goes the acumen observation that senses environmental change, accordingly, can a person of foresight forms originality conception.

Disentomb the practice of poineering opportunity, roughly but reduce is the following 7 kinds of means:

One, by analyses special event to disentomb poineering opportunity.

For example, steelworks of a blast furnace of American is not worth because of capital, must purchase to confuse furnace of your profiled bar, appear to obtain interest rate latterly to want the accident result with former prep above actually after that. Again classics analysis, just discover American steel tastes market structure to already produced change, accordingly, this steelworks puts the investment of in the future in demand of market of can quick response mainly confuse your steel-making technology.

2, by analyses contradictory phenomenon to disentomb poineering opportunity.

For example, the service that financial orgnaization provides and product invest large family in the light of major only mostly, but have the market the 7 average investment people that become capital were not taken seriously duely. Such contradiction, show the product market that provides general public to invest a service is sure to have latent capacity extremely.

3, program of by analysis work will disentomb poineering opportunity.

For example, in systematic flow preparing with carry in global production, can disentomb the poineering opportunity of the news service of slue and software development.

4, by analysis industry and the trend with market transitional structure will disentomb poineering opportunity.

For example, in the tide that in state-operated career civilian battalion turns freedom of as open as public sector industry market to compete, we are OK disentomb in industry of traffic, telegraphic, energy the poineering opportunity of slue. In the intellectual economy plan that just rolled out in the government, also can search a lot of new poineering opportunities.

5, the metabolic trend of data of by analysis vital statistics will disentomb poineering opportunity.

For example, front courtyard of odd relatives by marriage increases quickly, what the appearance that the agitation of woman obtain employment, old age changes a society, change that teachs degree, teenage international watchs is patulous... provide a lot of new markets necessarily opportunity
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