White-collar: The avoid that belle duty field lives
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Night seeks beautiful woman: Beautiful girl always can accept lone man favour, give out photograph of dim light of night to seek naturally common job, especially the boss also is met from which collect dot is lively. Full-dress a good proper limits for speech or action can be gotten before heading for, affirmatory safe, oneself sink into in beautiful wine of Mo Zaiye light, break a body to be duped, person of be enslaved to be enslaved to.
Psychological doctor: Exquisite tender feelings is indispensible, the person that conciliation is hurt is the goodness of feminine nature, but can fasten excessive to apply at the person, face single fellow worker especially or leave different employer, had better leave far place.

Viatic spouse: Receive to do not have how old be away on official business easily of the task activity, in breathe out greatly small cry when did not forget to look carefully at viatic spouse, whether to mix reliably disadvantageous, not enter the trap that sets meticulously, would rather abandon otherwise. Otherwise, be away on official business return the office, the Huang Duanzi rumor about you can fly all over the sky.

Long-tongued complain Fu: All the day a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord is long on the west the home is short, talk to bearing head sufficient, be very happy with it, become center of the birthplace of privacy, rumor, the leader can get rid of you this cancer.

Flower beautiful woman: The flower that gets boy friend or not famous friend everyday is a thing that has outer part quite indeed, but also cannot self-satisfied. Saying 3 women make fun of, this play is rival show mostly. You grabbed the limelight that fastens a woman, can cause jealousy, they rise to be met jointly in imperceptible lieutenant general you are squeezed go out.

Ensanguined elegant demeanour: The woman is the animal that pursue interest, a bit Xiaoli also can not sink to enrage, rip turn against skin to touch war one time greatly, be carried by a brood or be divided and its are changed as a result, hammer into shape to new department severally.

Laugh at face peach blossom: Without cause ground everything laugh is filled with, be close to too easily to the person do not say, because ear is soft,the job also is met freehanded and stand fast hard principle. The consequence of big give the green light is the advent of him profession red light.

False odd empress: Your reason is again sufficient, can face what all day long receives you to ask for leave monadlist, the leader with again good temperament also is met frown, feel your thing is really too much!

The cater-cousin in boudoir: Become the close friend in the boss' boudoir, or bright in dark in when on 2 madams, though can bring the welfare that the ordinary person cannot get and profit, but paid price also is quite big, damage of body and mind does not say, everybody also is guarding against like nark you, let your altitude deeply cold.
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