White-collar: The avoid that belle duty field lives
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Maize jest: Join office a gang in the maize jest of dull man, the sense that gives a person is not self-prossessed, this meeting ask for it suffers annoy an opportunity.

Masses lover: Broadcast loves to plant, the foot steps several boats, do office man each capricious, quarrel from jealousy, working imbroglio, leader eye sees no less than wash-and-wear going to, be forced to wipe away tears behead horse Su, go ahead of the rest detonates you this " bomb " , do not let a person.

Sexual weapon: Always be the belt on the face laughs, but have a choice however, that counterpoises to having only namely have sign is helpful person blossom, pose as of same to someone else cold beautiful woman. If go too nearly with ascendancy character, as a result the leader is brought into play, because oneself antagonize is overmuch, be forced person.

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