Duty field: 8 kinds affect the negative state of mind of your future
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A word says, your oldest enemy, it is yourself forever.
Some people can discover the silver-colored limit of black clouds, and it is to be all over the sky forever in some people eye black clouds; Some people are willing to search the office that is worth his to learn from inside the success of others, some people are used to cold hum, rely on to deny people will get inner balance.

Ground of the negative assault of working associate, back is dark chop, can cause to your job only temporarily adverse; The unbalance of state of mind, ability causes a deathblow to you.

We invited a psychology to seek advice from field of two division, duty to consult an expert, the duty field that listed 8 kinds to may affect your future is common and negative state of mind, divide fluctuation collect send out.

1. If losing ego to follow a boss, the head goes

Employee of department of golden gentleman market

The predecessor boss that follows me works, it is a kind of torment simply.

Total feeling, it is this individual " thought is serious " , " want too much " . When attending a meeting, no matter what the boss says with him, he goes down the boss' thread of discourse hard. The sense that gives me is: He is fathomming a boss to want what to listen to forever, do his utmost next " proper " the ground comes out the result expression after fathomming, the manner is courteous low-key. For instance when task of boss make known to lower levels, can ask it what have is difficult to what have, then you are illuminated solid say, as a result he exports is brave words: "I believe I can be overcome certainly... " finally still is not to force we come " overcome " !

He returns very easy insecurity. A report is handed over before for instance the boss calls him to come off work, he if face archenemy,supervise and urge we work. In case before coming off work, do not drive, the boss returns activity of it doesn't matter, he been beening complexion changes greatly on the seat.

When his subordinate, everybody complaint is towering. "Too perfect also creed, and without the backbone, the job accomplishs a half, hear a boss a little a whisper, he is not contended for one sentence, want to come again immediately. A little while such a little while in that way, already very good, even better, be rectified dead by his while still alive... "

Do those who laugh is, after he knows our true think of a way accidentally, return ground of make a great show of being in earnest to seek authority confabulate. Satisfying talk, the job rises to be done so that gallinaceous flying dog jumps all the same...

Comment on: This director too the view that cares about others, hope to satisfy the requirement of others hard, etc living for others then. Because he does not have affirmation to oneself, it is to encounter pressure necessarily so negative perhaps opinion is caught mad.

As a result of such person the job is met certainly very hard, so, accomplish middle-level general question is not big. But try to please everyone, not only oneself live tiredly, final result is everybody does not please instead. Can imagine, know subordinate when him " abhor " after him, the blow that get has how old.
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