Duty field: 30 years old, watershed of OL female pressure
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A few days ago, a when Harbin medical university finishs questionnaire investigation that is aimed at 315 professions female shows, 30 years old already became female pressure source " watershed " , nearly 100 pressure that 30 years old of the following informant feel to the job brings him are the greatest; The pressure of informant of 30 years old of above not only come from a family, and come from the job; What pressure feels not big is only 16 people, 5.1% what occupy all informant.
The medical psychology that directs this investigation teachs Wang Limin to say, in the modern life of high strenth and fast rhythm, female of a lot of professions " love " gave the job, healthy to oneself be too busy to pay attention to from beginning to end.
Compare with the female photograph a few years ago, at present the turn of life of professional female and menopause shift to an earlier date, breast cancer incidence of a disease is elevatory, health of body and mind is browbeaten badly. It is a female not only, the man of very old Ji Shangqing also appeared similar " the turn of life " expression, if memory drops, easy exhaustion, easy be agitated, work efficiency is low, actually this is " inferior healthy " condition.
The job and recreational lost dividing line
The bridge teacher that in Harbin a famous university does clerical work is typical " duty field female " . Year and stand however still she of solitary, the job and recreational time limit already very ambiguous: Ended nervous by day job, hurry to dining room haste to eat dinner, she returns the office to work overtime. If still have the work that does not do, she is taking relevant stuff, in 22 when lone dormitory hurrieds back to continue to carry lamp night fighting before closing 40 minutes. Not only weekday is such, her a lot of Saturday, such weekday also spending.
Mention oneself duty field experience, her the first reaction is: "I what do this calculate? Those do the student job, teacher that gets education to compare me in the school pressure is great still, in the institute more ' horrible ' . The counsellor attends class to do not delay a student, study by oneself in scheduled time, can use breathing space and student talk only, talk to arrive late night. Those outstanding education achievement and scientific research project, rely on less than 8 hours only which can be finished? Rely on less than 8 hours only which can be finished??
"Others has introduced a few boy friends to me previously, the family gets along with me of purpose, can do not have method, not be you die even if I live under competition, working job arrives, have a meal repeatedly, sleep not sweet, who has the mood to talk about love? " mention marital important matter, bridge teacher affection is dim: "The thing that I know knot legitimate child is delayed must not, oneself age also is compared one day one extremely big, but obtain employment is so difficult now, want to make bit of success on existing post, only overpay goes out. The eye looks at office lights brightly lit, can you set your mind at to come home hear music, watch TV? Think fellow student of a lot of colleges follows him position is similar, also balanced in the heart. Also balanced in the heart..
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