White-collar 10 kinds " dangerous " lifestyle
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"Busy busy, busy arrive white first " . Busy white-collar be in " money " with " healthy " in barter, what is of caustic lose? What kind of means do they choose to antagonism works busily and live after all?

Dangerous pattern 1:
Exceeding lack physical training. In 932 informant, only 96 people secure time to take exercise every week, the person of 68 % chose " take exercise scarcely " . This is caused extremely easily fatigue, dizzy wait for a phenomenon, cause fat with disease of heart head blood-vessel.

Dangerous pattern 2:
Do not demand medical service unhealthily. Investigation shows, near the person of the half is in sick when oneself buy medicine to solve, those who the person of 1/3 pays attention to any surfaces far from " indisposition " . The disease of a lot of gens going to work by protracted, missed first-rate to treat time, a few diseases are alleviated by medicaments surface action is masked and accumulate a serious illness.

Dangerous pattern 3:
Lack active check-up. In 932 people, have 219 people all along not check-up.

Dangerous pattern 4:
Do not have breakfast. Accelerate as working rhythm, eat on the excessive that accords with the breakfast that nutrition asks to had become office white-collar is begged. In informant, only 219 people are to have the law, ask to have breakfast according to nutrition. Do not have breakfast or careless a place of strategic importance makes general appearance a few times.

Dangerous pattern 5:
Lack communication with family. The office multitude that has more than 41 % communicates with family rarely, although family cares actively, the person of 32 % often also is held in the arms with payable manner. Below the circumstance of devoid communication, dredge and drain, the mental pressure of office crowd grows day and day.

Dangerous pattern 6:
Lie for long in air conditioning environment. When go to work, the person that exceeds 7 to become all the year round besides go out outside handling affairs, almost all the year round the nest is in air conditioning room. "Conservatory person " oneself human body adjusts and disease-resistant ability drops.

Dangerous pattern 7:
Often sit to be not moved. In informant, once sit,the working habit that has 542 people is, unless go up toilet, do not stand up easily. Sedentary, go against haemal circulation, can cause a lot of metabolism and cardiovascular disease; Sitting position is secured for a long time, also be the main factor that cervical vertebra, lumbar comes on.

Dangerous pattern 8:
Unwarrantable Morpheus time. The person that more than 6 is become often unwarrantable time of 8 hours of Morpheus, the person that has 7 % additionally often insomnia.

Dangerous pattern 9:
Face computer too long. The person of 31 % often uses computer more than 8 hours everyday. Overspend and depend on computer, besides radiation, still make disease of sex of disease of eye disease, lumbar cervical vertebra, spirit is in office group very general.
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