Ji of duty field secret: Find you turn a gangplank
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What the profession is changed and imagine without us is so difficult, want us to find only " turn row " way to do sth. Face a brand-new industry, how to span of knowledge and experience " chasm " ?

Attend " short-term obtain employment grooms "

It is with IT course of study exemple, the expert suggests to attend education of record of formal schooling, attestation to groom, short-term grooming is the method that turns to make IT handsome appearance all right, if attestation grooms,suit on-the-job staff study, because attestation grooms time is short, and it is latest technology or technology of the actualest application. Attend " short-term obtain employment grooms class " also be a kind of quick good way, such grooming a time that is 4 months left and right sides commonly, the way that develops according to project project undertakes fostering, arrived working station can enter a part quickly, assume the working job that has some position. After ready-made, be about to choose first-rate to cut a dot to enter this group line of business, if the application software development of IT industry or system are safeguarded,do not need to develop new thing, it is OK to need to master existing thing adroitness master existing thing adroitness only, suit what IT group joins first to turn quite so a personnel. To the unit of choose and employ persons nowadays, they can value relevant work experience of applicant more when invite applications for a job. Change character, "Charge " can not become certainly turn the gangplank of travel.

Inside the company post rotate accumulates relevant experience

Post rotate is an enterprise education is compound model the pattern of a kind of management of talent and generalist. The duty field personage that goes to turning of purpose, completely OK have the aid of is planted at this form, new post chooses inside the company " turn row " , do not change a firm, change post only, you not only as a result of " person arteries and veins " expedite get used to new post quickly, and turn the cost of travel should want than leaving a company to change low much. Should turn a best preexistence company is interior seek possibility. Zhou Lue is the only evidence operator of company of motion of a boat formerly, but what she is interested is position of content shedding government. The expert suggests she uses minute of pace to turn the method of travel, carry from the boat the company finds new job to make business other people shed a branch to assume person specially assigned for a job of imports and exports to a day endowment first, working content includes: Responsible imports and exports declares at customs general affairs, preparation declares at customs file, make and handle customs declaration card, knot payee card, wait for relevant section to contact with custom, trade supervision, arrange, the content that analyses every months sheds mobile cost and efficiency to wait. Apparent, this profession uses the working experience that accumulates in boat motion company to Zhou Lue already, can let her again the partial job content that content of bring into contact with sheds administrative position. After a year, she falls in the expert's guidance, obtained content to shed the director's position.
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