Negotiation skill first class
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Strive for to the supplier most branch of other of the condition that is helpful for a company, employee argy-bargy with requirement raises, hope provides support... as the director, there is many applying to negotiate the opportunity of skill to the negotiation in the job.

" manage now " (Management Today) the magazine interviewed psychologist A Er to cover with tiles luck thises a few days ago (Jim Alvarez) , the little secret that teachs controller to negotiate successfully. Aerwaruici trains skill of negotiation of new York police technically, it is 7 when he puts forward basic principles below:

1.Any negotiations include two targets only almost, one is to solve a problem, one is to establish a relationship. Negotiate the place that should not conflict from both sides to begin, for example, negotiate with the supplier when the price, you want to be bought with good value, the other side also hopes you are bought to them, they do not wish to see lose this customer, this is bilateral common feature.

2.Do a homework beforehand. The cause that knows the data fact that arranges a subject, one's own side and weakness, both sides is in differently, and if negotiate burst, the replacement scheme of one's own side why (for example, if do not negotiate to succeed with the supplier, the supplier that whether the company has other to be able to be replaced) .

3.Do not ask opposite party directly: "What do you want after all? " come so, can force the other side to take position immediately. When circumstances is adverse to one's own side, ask the problem is OK infuse some openly element, strong statement can be caused normally defy, put forward a problem to be able to bring the result, although the other side does not have the question that answers one's own side, also can make them think normally.

4.Between manage quiet means and target different. For example, "I want to open a window " it is a method, "I want to feel some more comfortable " just be a target, do not want to hold to on the method, if can reach real goal, flexibility negotiates the method with acceptable both sides.

5.Do not want a mood to change. Do not want hypothesis everything, ask a question more, maintain the curiosity to the other side, do not want be angry brawl.

6.Listen attentively to actively. Prevent the urgent value that shows issue of one's own side, listen attentively to the other side what to say, what to say, and their body language. Listen to the true meaning that gives between the lines of the other side, that thing that understanding can allow the other side to nod why, it is the key that breaks deadlock normally.

7.Do not want a the other side and problem confuse sth with sth else. For example, with " we accept your method very hard. " replace " you are really addlehead. " assault and battery.

3 common errors:

1.Did not find out the demand of the other side. Act on " I know what I want, but I do not care about you what to want " the manner negotiates, do not let the other side acquire any interests, the negotiation may fail extremely. Or, do not understand the real requirement of the other side, the requirement that raises at the beginning is too unusual, the other side of as a result no longer serious look upon negotiates this.
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