How to do " does the office star " ?
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Why you and he is that company that takes together with same setting, identical record of formal schooling and coequal work experience obviously, but it is better that he always can fall to be able to accomplish the work can accomplish the work in any conditions, make others inferior by comparison. He because this by appoint with important task, obtain raise salary substantially, and you although year in year out is busy, pay and post are in always however place footfall. It is a boss prejudicial, be still you if really compare him inherently stupid? The Ji Mellon inside American card professor of graduate school of university business management, management is advisory · of F of Rob spy · triumphant benefit thinks, these people can show itself the star in making the office, the key depends on them handling the work more astute more agile. Do you also want to become the star in the office?

Do not be defeated to go up in the scratch line

Want to become office star, the first wants to know namely, there is vacuum condition of a minute in the job. Any office worker that one goes to new company or tone new department holds a post, if the constituent framework of this branch can be familiar with inside short time, can behave a strong point instantly, he certain prices looks spruce, times suffer take seriously. If hold in the arms " just came, can learn slowly " manner, the likelihood was defeated to go up in the scratch line at the beginning -- , although boss is met,one is hanged on the mouth " wish the company can offer you a favorable learning environment " , but every month should pay salary, he hopes you can create outstanding achievement very quickly of course.

Stella financial manager

After the university graduates, I apply for a foreign enterprise. Because of the company countrywide invite applications for a job is faced when be being built first, the job that we go to work everyday is: Tear open apply for a letter, interpreter; Interpreter, tear open apply for a letter. Measure big withered impetuous, dull insipidity, busy however on sb's head, daydream sometimes also repeat diurnal act, good longing at a draught grey flying smoke destroys. There is depressing, impatient air in the office. Li Li is not only urgent not impetuous, do carefully patiently all the time.

After 10 days, li Li is promoted manager of humanness thing department. The reason of preferment is: The Master that university of a famous brand graduates is unripe, tear open a letter machine-madely everyday, it is in a few letters, its arrange not tire of irritatedly to be believed valuably, recommend foreigner boss, showed the ability that her human affairs runs, get appreciation greatly. The president thinks: Connect the person that this kind of bagatelle also does so outstandingly, other issues can be done very well certainly. She is us this one person that approve the first preferment in the center, realize greatly from this " the master gets the door, cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine is in each one " truth. Natural, evermore suffers pedagogue to grind knife the scrape on respective post, great majority also shows itself later.
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