Instruct you 8 court rise the file management in computer
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The paper of the useful no use that form a pile, desultorily book and office things scatter throughout, this is the general case on our desk. In the interior of computer, on the desktop of computer, be in " resource management implement " in, be full of as much without foreword and disorder. This kind of fictitious disorder affected the function of computer and the efficiency that we handle official bussiness greatly, when a lot of people face this problem, think hard disk space insufficient, computer function did not follow to go up again, need changes a new computer again. In fact, what we need truly is to sit, spend time to manage the file in computer truly well rise, can save more time in the future for oneself.

The essence of file management depends on going to the lavatory to save and be extracted quickly, all files will be organized well through folder classification, put in you to be able to go to the lavatory most the place that find. Solving method of this optimal before asking a theme is classified management, build from what hard disk partition begins each folder, we want the job according to oneself and life need, cent is the folder of many greatly small, class, build reasonable file to save a framework. In addition all files, folder, want standardization ground to name, put into the most appropriate folder. Such, when we need what document, know where to be searched. This kind of method, to comparativing for quantitative person, not be a comfortable thing, because they were used to conveniently,deposit file and ground of painstaking, be confused like a tangle of flax to search a file. Below, we will help the principle that your formulate classifies management one set, urge the file management convention with your good nurturance. It is a few fundamental skill that our summary gives below, these skill are not dogmatic, the likelihood does not suit you, but the regulation that anyhow you must want to have your, insist to come down, form a habit.

   The first action produces the effect of my documentation

A lot of reason let us be used well " my documentation " , it can go up in the desktop conveniently, begin menu, resource government implement, save / in opening the window, find, be helpful for us going to the lavatory and open quickly, save a file. We can be used " my documentation " in already some catalog, also can found oneself catalog, be here the filestore that often needs a visit. As to " my documentation " memory is in C dish, in the problem that may delete by accident when reshipment system, can be in blame system dish build a list, next right attack a desktop to go up " my documentation " , choose " attribute " . Playing those who go out " my documentation attribute " in the window, click target folder to fall " mobile " pushbutton, appoint the folder that we just founded in new window next. Above is carried out to operate again after reshipment system, point to this folder afresh again can, namely safe convenient.
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