Strategies of 500 strong interview query
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Interview is applicant and interview Guan Zhi receive the occasion of contact, present answer, most person can feel insecurity, flurried, face a play bad, because apply for 500 strong opportunities after all at ordinary times very few, the mood that succeeds plus the hope is pressing, so, after seeing interview official, the heartbeat is accelerated, lift sufficient without arrange, intelligence quotient, eloquence, figure, bearing sells at a discount greatly. Actually this can need not, because always dare to apply for 500 strong public figures, it is ability quality taller, on-the-job field is hit go all out to already became elite, or had had certain result and positive result. So, when interview, ad cool-headed and sober, common treat, must not regard interview official as the old judge that sentencing him destiny, should regard interview official as the classmaster teacher that oneself get along a few years, can eliminate intense sentiment, fluent and respondent. Of course interview prepares to want sufficient, wait for the preparation of the respect besides psychology, goods and materials, appearance, more important is right interview official has made the question that raise comprehensive preparation. Preparation is main from proceed with of the following respects:

   One. The purpose that interview quizs

All questions that interview official raises have its clear and clear purpose, modesty, adept model, extremely conceited, speech home, formalist model, the arrearage interview official that waits for 6 kinds of types, the problem style that offer fundamental key is different, different, all attribute the problem with all-around, wide angle, diversity, difficult meaning. But, although the problem is multifarious, Protean, but remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, the purpose is making an on-the-spot investigation namely, the ability quality that assesses applicant of to apply for a job, namely educational setting of applicant how? Experience of what specific work is there? Whether to have relevant ability quality? Whether to have taller professional accomplishment? Whether to have relevant and professional skill and relevant experience? What is actor defect of applicant? What is actor inferior position? What are achievement and failure? What is development program of the individual? Whether to have development latent capacity and successful intention? Etc.

   2. The type that interview quizs

Interview query type is main but reduce the following kinds

   1.Behavior changes or the problem of scene sex
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