The principle that interview nots allow to ignore
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East accuses a ministry of resource of manpower of group limited company senior officer Qu Hui in her manpower resource of 8 years is experienced from course of study in, the person that interview crosses 1000 no less than to apply for a job, include many high-level governor among them. She thinks, when applicant is accepting interview, the key is to should master a few simple methods, follow a few basic principles, such ability leave next good impression to interview official. Here, let us carry a few real case, come the viewpoint of confirm expert! Group of relatives and friends: "Do not take had better " principle   Li Mei is only daughter, had not left parents to college graduate as a child half pace, face of life Zhu Fang is hold by parents do, from this nurturance " the clothes will stretch one's hand, the meal comes dehisce " abusive, life independent character is very wrong. This not, to apply for a job is applied for also want parents to accompany, to apply for a job of as a result fails time and again. Remind: When applying for interview, "Relatives and friends is round " still do not take had better. Must not with " sweethearts archives " or the kind that parents accompanies goes to apply for a job, such meetings let take an examination of an official to think your dependence is too strong, independent character is too wrong, then generates suspicion to your ability. Especially notable is, enquire the circumstance of invite applications for a job, oneself call or must come to enquire personally. These affect official of move take an examination ofing directly the first impression to you, deciding the success or failure of your to apply for a job. Smile: "Constant " principle   carries out a proof: The smile is a magic weapon of duty field get the upper hand of. Zhang Xiaoping introvert, expression is curt, after interview suffers for many times fail, just know very well riant importance. Then, he borrows read a few books, the requirement that goes up according to the book, to the mirror the exercise smiles. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, xiao Ping can smile eventually " freely " . His confidence is applied for dye-in-the-woodly again everywhere. One, xiao Ping applies for sale manager to a company, recieve personnel to get him interview place, his of one mind is wanting how to loosen his, the smile lets natural be revealed when interview, desolate recieve personnel, the result suffers again fall into disuse. Remind: Smile should perforative apply for whole process. Applicant took a company, from begin with downstage contact with, might as well show a person with smiling face. After seeing interview official, why to no matter the other side is,plant expression, should smile move and its handclasp, introduce myself. In interview process, also want to notice from beginning to end, do not make countenance too inflexible, should timely maintain a smile. After interview ends, no matter interview official gave you how sad answer, also want to smiling to rise, path of active handclasp is fastened. Self introduction: "2 minutes of show give him " when principle   interview, take an examination of an official to be able to let you have simple self introduction commonly. At this moment if your ten million cannot say to be written so that be clear about and so on on letter of to apply for a job, and the time that application influences 2 minutes, come out oneself fundamental condition description. Yu Xigen applies for the duty that the branch is in charge of to enterprise of a foreign capital. When interview, take an examination of an official to want him to introduce him simply. The fine root that has preparation early is unhurried, the course that talks about oneself to read the place when grinding to learn first and achievement, had attended what society activity, what cross award; A few jobs after the society talking after are experienced, and oneself specialty... at great length 78 minutes, listen so that take an examination of an official very impatient. The such reach every aspect of a matter, self introduction that does not highlight mainly, although do not have what flaw, but because do not have expatiatory and new idea, trifling, make the capability that checks an official to wait for all respects the expression to him, integratedly generates suspicion. Final, fine root lost an election. Remind: A public concern learns a professor to had said a such words, namely " everybody should learn to the peacock, 2 minutes let whole world remember his beauty. " self introduction also is same, want the ability that lets him understanding that take an examination of an official inside short time, strong point only, already sufficient, must not work " ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous " folly. Listen attentively to: "Sedulous " when principle   is applying for interview, the audience that makes a qualification is crucial. Liu Gong is a more indrawn girl, ferial humanness conducts oneself in society decenter, also know open-eared value, but be in interview or gave a small error. , small red interview is accepted in a company. Draw near when end, take an examination of an official to be opposite small red expression gave the front the opinion, there is the idea of appreciation quite in utterance. Perhaps be to take an examination of an official the reason with today's particularly good humor, the fundamental condition that begins the company since the introduction unexpectedly and development foreground come. Small red one glad to divided a god, also begin to look forward to good future. See the look of her give a little attention to, take an examination of an official very uncomfortable, asked a few questions more again, finally, took an examination of an official to say sentence " very regretful... "   reminds: When interview, applicant's look should face up to the other side, timely in the process of the speech that take an examination of an official beck. Because of this since esteem to the other side, also can let the other side feel you have demeanor very much, cordial, air, not stage fright. When trying government-owned introduction company and position case face to face, more should timely give feedback, show you take the content that he says seriously very much, and write down be in the heart. Emphasize particularly finally a bit: Before interview, ten million should put out the communication tool such as the mobile phone, avoid for no reason to break the talk that takes an examination of an official. Respondent: "Think 5 seconds " person of renown if of principle   Liu Kui, not only the person grows loftily big and tall, and disposition is careless also. It is case of such one individual character, let big Liu eat to have a deficit greatly when applying for interview: Take an examination of an official to put forward, "The company wants you to be in one year in open Shenzhen to sell the market, do you go? " thinking of big Liu truly says to go. Take an examination of an official to examine minutely immediately: "How travel mode? " big Liu does not say to give a just a little at a draught 3 come, was immersed in contemplative. This plants big Liu cursory behavior, make take an examination of government-owned allergy quite, repel its canning be imagined besides company gate. Remind: Ask about a serious problem when interview official, concern respect of working outstanding achievement especially. For example asks you describe an an item that has made, has assumed job. Before the answer, should proper halt 5 seconds, put apart thinks the time that take an examination of one paragraph. Such doing, besides can organize the content that wants expression, important is the experience that tells the other side you are recollecting the past seriously; If you are in,the answer need not think at all when these problems, and know sth thoroughly, interview official the first feeling may be you passed elaborate preparation beforehand, then can be said to you the authenticity of content makes a question mark. Language: "Tell mandarin " university of Zhang Hua of principle   classmate 4 years still dialect does not change, the word austral an another name for Jiangxi Province says a bit more quickly, this brother that sleeps in the upper berth understands even me not. Go up class hour of contemporary Chinese language, small Zhang Ye left very great time, but still be one dehisce goes " fire " , bring completely class classmate the whole room burst into laughter. If things go on like this, the enthusiasm that small Zhang Xuepu communicates also gradually subsidise. After the university graduates, dialect of Xiaozhang lets him when be being applied for time and again be rebuffed, be forced to do, xiaozhang is obliged shed tears leaves duty field, became SOHO gens. Remind: Can say, mandarin is the language pass when to apply for a job; Won't tell mandarin, cannot communicate smoothly with the person, also do not talk to go up obtain the accredit that takes an examination of an official and good opinion. So, if you still if dialect did not change, make great efforts at once learn mandarin, otherwise, to apply for a job may can not move a step.
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