How does accounting qualified personnel look for accurate profession anchor?
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The accountant just faces two choices always when just was on professional road only, it is to enter accountant office to begin professional career above all, enterprise of the reentrance after knowing audit work adequately shares financial work; The basis that still becomes a company first kind accountant, enter an office to work subsequently? Distinguish simply both word, the office is representing professional training, give more time and physical power; The enterprise means stable development, but can lay next solid foundations however. So, will want to be in again on professional road henceforth both between it is more difficult to undertake adjustment. Be faced with the first crossroad on accounting profession road, be towards the left still goes right after all?

Towards the left goes: How to jump to the enterprise from the office

Lucy is the money that graduates this year meets professional student, already took the Offer of an accountant office at present. Nevertheless, although be about to be on the road of accountant, but Lucy individual plans to the profession in the future is the enterprise goes pursueing financial job after the office works 3 years two, she such plan after all appropriate?

The expert of ACCA accountant consortium expresses, to Lucy, in office experience audit of a few years lives, the financial work that can let her look to each divisions has an overall knowledge, enter an enterprise to was engaged in financial work laying good foundation in the future to her.

But, although the office can urge a person early " ripe " , but its work limits and enterprise still have a difference, accordingly, want to be engaged in Wu place transition reaching an industry, charge necessarily and the key that certificate is changeover, be like CPA, ACCA. On one hand, the competition inside the office is very intense, special inside a such atmosphere can " exciting " study competes; Next, attend these finance affairs kind certificate takes an exam, itself complements namely what learn knowledge newlier before, participate in good foundation of financial work base to entering a business later. Accordingly, overall and character, if make good plan, notice in working initial stage a piece of money meets attempt pass an entrance examination professional certificate, the office is money the duty field with can new good people the first pace.

Go right: What company treasurer wants is patient

As contrary as Lucy is, the Mag-gie choice that graduated last year holds the position of cost accountant inside a 500 strong companies. Just began her feeling to have a challenge very much, but time grows, it is to duplicate same job everyday, lack the opportunity of challenge and study, this lets Maggie feel from personal misstep the first pace, and plan next year finds new job go to an office.

Whether does Maggie choose a fault after all does the profession develop way? The expert of ACCA accountant consortium feels Maggie still can give him many a little bit time again. What financial work needs most is experience is accumulated, on talent market, have 3-4 year the financial accounting qualified personnel of working experience most accept favour. Compare accountant office, big company divides the work on post setting relatively fine, the compasses plasticity of structural frame of its finance affairs has very good help however to duty field new personality. Accordingly,
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