Teach you knowledge of one action to apply for a job: The limits of written exam
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Written examination is applied for basically apply to a few professional technologies to ask to be mixed very by force very tall to requirement of employ personnel quality large enterprise or business unit, if branch of a few concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, technology asks,very high professional corporation and national office are chosen hire officeholder to wait.

Before attending written examination, should know the range of written examination, so that ready-made, sufficient play gives his level, strive for good achievement, gain the success that apply for. Written examination can be divided it is the following kinds.
(1) professional exam takes an exam this kind basically is to examine the professional knowledge level that whether can a requirement reach when applicant holds the position of some post and relevant practical capacity. To the graduate student, unit of some choose and employ persons does not take an examination of professional knowledge, read result of undergraduate students, graduate student study and study content only. Unit of a little special choose and employ persons should have professional examination. Want to study a foreign language to applicant like foreign capital enterprise, foreign trade enterprise, cadre of take sb on the staff of office of public security organs should take an examination of legal knowledge.

(2) the analysis that intelligence checks to basically check applicant and observation problem ability, integrated Baconian ability, thinking reflects ability.

(3) the rate that the technology checks main test to apply for personnel to handle an issue and effect, the degree that examines to be applied to knowledge and intelligence and ability.

(4) course of written examination of exam of national official qualification is " exam of tendency of administrative profession ability " , " writing " and " integrated knowledge " . "Tendency of administrative profession ability checks " the conscious career that main test pursues office work must be being had and accuracy, verbal understanding and apply, the ability of 5 respects such as analysis of inference of quantitative impact, judgement, data. "Writing " the ability that basically tests the aspect such as integration analysis and literal expression. "Integrated knowledge " the knowledge that main test should master as office working personnel, content involves knowledge of system of knowledge of common sense of mordern history of current affairs politics, China, science and national official to wait for a respect. Written examination has in group ministry, human affairs is skimble-scamble organization. The topic is more lively, the report that researchs applicant mainly is rapid, thinking is nimble. The time that the exam should note to press a demand is punctual to examination room, cannot be late. Never mind when the exam piece, should notice handwriting carefully and nearly, roll the face is neat, to judge the person that coil to leave good the first impression.
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