Interview " close gently " good job opened wide the door to me
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The university graduates that year, obtain employment situation is quite grim, attended invite applications for a job many times to meet, but this year's graduates that the family hears of to we are to do not have working experience, shake his head say to be not asked. In the course of contacts, everybody must reduce a demand, the big company with good, high salary does not go dispute welfare before, now is to want to need us only, we are gone to with respect to toughen one's scalp-brace oneself in enter.
My luck is belonged to the poorest that kind. For the first time, company of electric equipment having the home informs I go interview article secret, come to an agreement or understanding time is in the morning at 9 o'clock, but because I go out before dress up too for a long time, delayed time, add a car is encountered on start off, the result was late full a hour. Application form of on hand of staff member raise one caboodle says to me: "Young lady, you do not suit to become article secretary, suit to become a manager. Suit to become a manager..

The 2nd, I draw a lesson, in advance of heaven and earth of element look out gave the door, but the home is then formal,the staff member of the company still is shaking the head says to me: "Paying attention to appearance is the esteem to others, had not you learned in the school? Had not you learned in the school??

That paragraph of time seems a nightmare, who calls obtain employment state supply exceeds demand? The college graduate previously is " an unusually lucky person " , have however now " high component is feebleminded " disrelish, the family admitted you, still get the brushstroke on compensate to groom cost, the company does not want of course crooked gives cost. Everybody complaint bellyful, but the job still must continue to search!

Applied for failure again that day, I answer the school crestfallenly, see doorway of a bank is sticking help wanted suddenly, bank work is steady, material benefits is good. I want not to pay fee signing up anyway, try!

Serious ground fills a list, watch team signing up, self-confident heart drops to the end of cereal immediately. Discharged a few buildings full! It is difficult still to cross difficult path than taking an examination of an university in those days simply!

Classmates know I go to those who joined a bank applying for, laugh: "Did not daydream, bank invite applications for a job is to make pretense, relation door steps the doorsill quickly defeated, still need you? Still need you??

But after 3 days, I still received the interview announcement of the bank really. Classmates persuade me to do not have necessary go, say interview walked along a form to stop nevertheless! But I do not agree admit defeat, act wilfully the ground went.

The person that joins interview is very much, but the hush in the edifice is breathed, peculiar solemn and respectful allow authority be ready in take action. Everybody interview was over, expression each different, some light up with pleasure, some distresses extremely, the door of that office of interview is shut closely, show a kind of mysterious breath fully. Every time the room between wherefrom takes someone, as open the door close " phut phut " the sound that make sound, everybody's heart also follows what tighten. The girl that the platoon is before me front grow very beautifully, one face haughties to tell us be proudingly, still had attended to choose beautiful contest some before long before her, took intermediary heat. Compare with her, the Xiaomiao that I feel I resemble just sprouting, the family is the protruding of this protruding, this are sunken sunken, and I am whole however one " princess of peace and tranquility " , be deficient in the female's charm!
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