Do you want to there is an absorbing resume?
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----Resume note

A good resume, ought to brief palpability, neat clarity, be practical and realistic, candid sincerity, accurate, format is pure and fresh and beautiful, notice to avoid the following appearance in writing at the same time:

1. avoids handwritten, use the draft that print as far as possible, unless company of invite applications for a job asks you are handwritten. If have the demand of " handwritten " , use regular script as far as possible, use perfunctorily start pen system oneself.

2. avoids harangue, at the same time cannot too simple, use short sentence as far as possible, the " that uses " of " news put oneself in another's position pours pyramid " format, will main item is put in front, in the meantime, finish resume with one page paper hard.

3. avoids the form of beyond the mark apply colours to a drawing, gewgaw, want to know: Fade of tadpole howl uranium aing big tripod knocks? to avoid to use devious and strange vocabulary at the same time. If there is not quite commonly used word in your full name, best phonetic notation.

4. avoids target of to apply for a job to disperse, the person that do not give invite applications for a job the feeling that you are " of " a balm for treating headaches, whats can work. Additional, unless have a demand, do not mention expressly the person that resume is accepted.

If you still are taken to your resume,forbid, you can be mixed good friend compare notes, in the meantime, you also can send a letter to us, our manpower resource is advisory, meet you be helped with suggesting cogently to mix.

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