Interview is not hit battle off hand
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Resume deliver went out, the interview announcement of manpower resource ministry also was received, counting a day, waiting to go interview? Not be of course. The success or failure of interview, depend on not completely the expression of the spot, the preparation of early days is adequate, whether to have specific aim, just be the key that ensures interview is successful!

He Dui management is advisory (Shanghai) executive director of district of limited company China holds presiding profession adviser concurrently Ms. Zhang Jianqin works with respect to the preparation before interview, make with the undergraduate again discuss further!

Ask: I am before interview, classics regular meeting feels particularly nervous, how should I do?

Answer: Before interview nervous, the most crucial factor depends on you not self-confident. You do not know interview official can ask you what question, you also do not know you can reply decent, the applicant that you do not know your from beginning to end can be behaved more outstandingly than you... really, inform to just receiving interview for you, everything is unknown. But, remember a bit, you can the preparation that enough palm accuses arrives the enoughest, so with other interview person photograph comparing, you had more a stratagem which ensures success, you also are met more self-confident. The chance gives the person that has preparation, this word forever also won't wrong.

Ask: What should I prepare then?

Answer: The preparation before interview separates several sides.

One of, answering question preparation. Generally speaking, your first try is undertaken by manpower resource ministry, they are met wait with respect to your record of formal schooling, individual character, ability, viewpoint of value ask a few convention the question, recommend in order to help the person in charge that whether their judgement wants to did not come to you. So, you might as well be opposite to the mirror certain need examination questions undertakes ask oneself answers oneself. For example: Make a simple introduction to your experience; Make a brief assessment to oneself; You most what is the thing that feels proud; What is the defect that you feel you are the biggest; Why do you think you suit this position to wait a moment.

When planning an issue, be sure to keep in mind must not harangue, want to capture the content that interview official is interested in. Whether do this suit this job with respect to the setting that is you. So, when preparing these answers, tighten the position description that captures them and company culture. Accumulate oneself successful case library more at ordinary times, so that reserve when interview, the defect to oneself need not evasive, but the improvement that should let them see you, and won't cause negative effect to completing the work.

Secondly, problem preparation. This also is very important, because not be a company merely,you choose in one-sided, you are choosing eligible company likewise. So, development situation of the development trend to the company, market, why to want invite applications for a job style of the standard of choose and employ persons of this position, company, management the actual condition that you feel right your development is influential, also might as well have an inquiry, help you undertake judging.
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