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Symptom 1: The key is not outstanding, logistic not clear
Interview title:
1, ask you to tell me, if you apply for the company that bring profit, which do you think you have on one hand advantage?

2, the university is graduate now, 1 - inside 2 years, find new job rate is very high, how do you see this problem? How can be yourself done?

Rao Jun: To the first problem, I can see, to apply for a job person special listened to me to a moment ago was opposite attentively the introduction of the company that bring profit, bring the benefit global demand to the talent, so very much specific aim ground introduced his advantage, be good at cooperating with the person quite for instance, this is first-rate.

Insufficient is, they just say to have group mind, how can that just prove that has group mind really? E.g. , what activity has been organized in the school, in the course that organizes an activity, if pass group efforts, do the activity more successfully, if have such real case,will try complementary evidence is better.

To the answer of the 2nd problem, to apply for a job person the largest insufficient part depends on, the answer lacks logic, have self-contradictory place even. Say what to like a little while for instance, but later say that is wasteful time and so on again.

Their answer has a common characteristic, it is too long, often circled a big ring, just recur a theme. Interview answer had better be to approach a theme continuously. It is additionally, they ask in the answer the self-confidence in the whole process of the problem is insufficient, want self-confident him expression, do not touch oneself, how to go touching take an examination of an official?

Symptom 2: Cognitive and insufficient, fixed position is not clear

Xu Jinghua: This problem is two respects of the person that I basically inspect to apply for a job, it is to apply for a job person plan sex, 2 it is to apply for a job person convey and communicate ability. Business, intelligence quotient has the affection of a person tall low, but the plan is to apply for a job person whether successful key. Especially now, to apply for a job person faced choice is more, the person that be like to apply for a job did not plan well oneself, do this today, will do that tomorrow, take roundabout way very easily, make a contribution somewhat hard on one hand which. And communicate and communicate, it is to apply for a job person the most primary quality that place must have.

3 to apply for a job from spot imitate interview person in light of the answer, plan ability respect is existing generally the problem of two respects, it is insufficient to oneself acknowledge, know oneself hardware only, and the software that does not understand oneself; The 2 circumstance understanding that are pair of him development direction are unsharpness. For instance, if want to become market department director in the future, what is their duty, need has those quality and knowledge to wait a moment. Because they do not understand the target of development, be opposite so the road among -- how to go by namely also with respect to not know what to do. Be told from communication with communication respect, some classmates give an irrelevant answer, key not clear, logic is not strong. Especially among them a fellow student that prepares to become market department director in the future, from her the answer of the spot looks, devoid appeal, crucial point is unsharpness, let interview official very easily the first round wash out her.
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