Memoir: Than what information interview preparation is crucial
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The person that be visited: Manage of Dai Wenjie Beijing is versed in the university sells professional graduate student

Brash interview is to go to Tecent company, that day morning 11: 40 receive a telephone call, inform me 12: 30 go interview. I still am attending class at that time. The class escapes on the horse then, have not enough time to change clothes, have not enough time to have a meal hurried go into battle.

Self introduction and conversational find oneself are good. Interview official asks me later: "What idea do you have to our company? " I was stupefied at that time. Because beforehand does not have sufficient preparation. He asks again: "Do you feel the development foreground of our company how? " I do not know how to should reply again. He asks finally: "What do you still have to want to ask me? " if be in previously, I can answer such traditional question very beautifully for certain, but I am too nervous at that time. I detect the complexion of that HR sank, feel oneself are hopeless.

That interview that goes to Li Ning company later, the feeling is very good. I prepare more adequately. The first round it is to be in university of Beijing post and telecommunications to have written examination, go to a company next headquarters interview. 8 people random ballot, cent has panel discussion into two groups, smoke a problem to undertake arguing randomly again. With me together of interview have undergraduate studentses of 4 National People's Congress, still have large of a law of National People's Congress. I was passed fortunately. It is the HR manager interview with the company then, the data that basically goes up in the light of resume becomes farther knowledge, chatted to have half many hour, finally is with product manager interview. But up-to-date had not informed to me, the likelihood should await a week.

I browsed the pertinent information of website of Li Ning company before written examination; Read the content of the website carefully when receiving interview to inform. Although do not have too big concern with company itself,is some of problem in interview, but we are OK its company culture comes to apply mechanically constituent answer, can appear some more beautiful so. Should accomplish of course do not show a trace. A very typical case, there is a student at that time namely, every his word covered the element of Li Ning company, feel very false affectation to the person. There is individual measure to hold weller from the back, be in casual a self-identity that reveals pair of Li Ning companies, this makes a person very comfortable.

And my preparation different, saw website of Li Ning company not only, I still go up the website such as rich guest China, Baidu searched a large number of pertinent information, strategy of the near future activity that resembles a company, sale, must form his opinion and not be the data of website of copy word for word, the know how things stand and feel confident of handling them in such ability hearts.
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