Work experience: Mining is dug again
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Want to emphasize again above all, to the person that working, social experience should be put in front of what teach background, and to the student, educational setting should be put before social experience.

Will tell to the student, social experience includes work to include part-time job or exercitation work experience again already, will tell to incumbent, "Social experience " one word but instead " working experience " , and of English " Experience " applicable to both.

How is working content written

"Social experience " should move inside short time invite applications for a job person, natural need biff namely medium, connected. Accordingly, when describing working content the proposal uses the following principle:

(1) with " dot sentence " (Bullet Point) , avoid to use paragraphs of big written language.

(2) in the outstanding achievement that is in same company, need not constrained at time order, ying Bingchi " important and preferential " principle.

(3) working success should be changed incorporate, digitlization, accurately, avoid to use a lot of, many, a few, such a few ambiguous vocabularies, answer to use specific number as far as possible, manage how many person after all, sale is to more or less be waited a moment. For instance, "The much that participates in compose commerce specification works " , be inferior to " investigation was finished to analyse competitor part in job of commercial specification compose the job of 40% " more be convinced letting a person.

(4) main responsibility and main achievement, who first after who? Somebody thinks to should put main responsibility in front, look to know what you are doing because of others. Actually this kind writes a law to suit quite primary job and start the work with not strong sex; If more advanced or initiate the job with stronger sex to should write main achievement in front, because people looks, is your working outstanding achievement. So cannot treat as the same concludes who first after who.

(5) dot sentence length is with group appropriate, do not exceed two at most; Sentence several with 3, 5 are beautiful, do not exceed 8 at most.

(6) dot sentence need not learn English resume to begin with the verb, want the way of style or manner of writing according to Chinese however, can use adverbial word or adverbial modifier presents as leading role. And do not appear " I " such word, because both sides has consensus: You do the work on resume, you won't work laboriously ground is done for others marry the garment.

(7) at the back of accept groomed content to be able to be put in every company. Grooming is the form of a kind of award of company interior, concern with company business, is not the one part that teachs background.

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