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1. Do not appear absolutely any spellings, syntactic, punctuation perhaps prints a mistake.

2. Before writing resume, predefine who is the person that read. Write resume according to the limitted person that read next.

3. Resume must the demand that can customer your skill and future closes suitably.

4. Resume must can describe the vendibility that gives you, and be inside the time with 20 medium or shorter seconds, answer this question, "Why do I want service you? "Why do I want service you??

5. Want to emphasize outstanding achievement, financial condition and aptitude.

6. Sale characteristic and interest, you have what technical ability, what contribution can they make for constituent target?

7. Resume creation wants do one's best to avoid a construction inattentive content is empty. Ambiguous the resume that can produce a no use only with talk in generalities.

8. Resume wants extraordinary, be full of courage and stirring. Insipid resume can be brought only insipid the job.

9. With novel and chic exciting means packs resume.

10. Ensure resume content organization is proper.

11. The expressive means of resume must professionalism, and with you the industry that seek enters is coordinated agree.

12. Your resume ought to have bright individual character. Choose your diction carefully, this meeting brings great difference.

13. Sequential the working experience that resume format pours order order to describe you by time, begin from your recent position, next backdate, emphasize emphasize responsibility and outstanding achievement. This kind of format applies to you to have spotless working experience.

14. Function resume format emphasizes your special achievement and extraordinary aptitude partly in the beginning of resume, but do not be together they and specific client connection. Changing an occupation when you, perhaps obtain employment records blank, when the problem of other perhaps and unfavorable use sequential format, use this kind of form.

15. Integrated model the format is drawn lessons from at the same time and integrated the advantage of function format and sequential format, it is a kind of strong writing pattern. The value that introduces you partly in the beginning of resume, financial condition and aptitude (functional part) . The content that subsequently working experience provided supportive sex partly (sequential part) .

16. The use person of personal details format great majority is professional technology personnel or the financial condition that the position that those applying for needs enumerate to give value of the person that can behave to apply for a job merely. For example actor, singer or musician, surgeon, and lawyer or register accountant to also use this kind of type probably.

17. 5 bodies of resume are: 1) look up, 2) brief introduction, 3) working experience, 4) educational setting, 5) other miscellaneous.
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