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Post duty describes:
1. According to owner the requirement undertakes the spot reconnaissance before the design, undertake designing the communication of the intent with owner;
2.According to the job that early days reconnaissance communicates, have the design plan of project project, negotiate with owner the integral conception that devises plan.
3. The design that the complete set construction that designs project project pursues arranges blueprint of scale of relevant personnel computer.
4. The joint hearing of blueprint paper and explain, turn over construction personnel.
5. Be in charge of designing the respect explanation in construction process, assistance checks the design quality in construction process about personnel, carry out design intent.
6. Responsible corporation is all electronic blueprint, design blueprint, professional of the book agree to manage, and the use of company computer software.
7. The conduct propaganda that helps promotion company image works.
Hold a post requirement:
1.18-50 year old, sexual distinction is not restricted; Be familiar with interior design industry.
2, quality wants: (1) understanding, communicate and expressive capability is stronger, the job is rigorous, responsibility heart is strong. (2) abounds working enthusiasm and vigor, communicate ability more by force. Have original understanding and stronger percipient to decorating a project; The function that is familiar with craft of the design that decorates a project, construction and material of of all kinds adornment and price;
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