Assistant of administration of invite applications for a job of industry of drug
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Working content:
1, help plan of job of sectional manager formulate and work of harmonious and other department;
2, assist sectional manager to undertake entire plant works to supervise and be assessed;
3, assist sectional manager to organize a company to groom reach each meeting;
4, management and file department relevant document and forms for reporting statistics.

Record of formal schooling of above of ◆ university undergraduate course
◆ adroitness uses office software and device
◆ English is good
◆ mandarin standard

The person that have the following requirement is preferential consideration:
The relevant major such as resource of ◆ Chinese, business management, manpower graduates;
◆ works 2 years related above experience, the labor government laws and regulations of familiar country and Guizhou policy;
◆ adroitness uses the office device such as the computer, serious and responsible, have stronger literal chime to move communication capacity.

Once employ pay from actor.

Because applicant is numerous, hope broad applicant puts our company on mailbox of invite applications for a job resume and relevant proof: SEnbanghr@126.com. My company can inform interview time separately.

Contact: Gentleman of the Song Dynasty
Connect a telephone call: 0852-7301485
Email: Senbanghr@126.com

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