Place of farming family of city of abide by justice faced social exam to assess
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Institute of science of agriculture of city of abide by justice (abbreviationPlace of farming family of city of abide by justice) the place of integrated agriculture scientific research that is sex of straight commonweal of town of city of abide by justice and trial of district of breed of national level crop stand, assumed job of experiment of various scientific research of country, province, city every year90Multinomial, made larger contribution to the progress that agriculture produces, decisive effect is having in development of our city agriculture.

Because the job needs, place of farming family of city of abide by justice is badly in need ofFace social exam to assessInvite applications for a job2Renown agronomy kind professional Master or doctoral graduate student, be engaged in working with the scientific research that will study way henceforth at present.

One, examine a fundamental

Employee of person of invite applications for a job makes the need that must admit around career of agricultural scientific research cheek by jowl, those who combine agriculture of abide by justice to develop team of talent of place of farming family of He Zunyi city to build is actual, consider the stress scientific research, main station, need that is badly in need of major above all, hold to " by need to set post, make public invite applications for a job, firm order, preferred choose " principle, according to the requirement of have both ability and moral integrity, choose a person publicly, equally to servantchoose a person for a job, cogent choose it is accurate, good to use talent.

2, constituent leader
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