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Recently, center of guidance of exam of hall of Guizhou Province human affairs already willCertificate of approval of exam of computer of 2008 year title allots an our city, declare a title on time for personnel of convenient and broad professional technology, my center decides begin to extend from August 19, inform as follows with respect to concerned matters concerned now:

One, the time that send card: In August 2008 19, on September 12 (on Saturday, Sunday rests) , in the morning 8: 30, 11: 00, afternoon 14: 30, 17: 30.

2, the place that send card:

1, the examinee that in abide by justice report signs up greatly, the place that get card in building of municipal government office 4 buildings human affairs takes an exam center. Exceed the time limit did not get, please at every week 2, 4 go to work afternoon time is gotten.

2, in each county, area (city) the examinee that sign up gets certificate of conformity in local job section please, extend time is decided by local job section.

3, concerned requirement: When examinee gets card, need to hold oneself effective Id, standard textual criticism, if era is gotten, should take him candidate for an entrance examination not only Id, standard textual criticism, still need to show era to get a person effective Id.

Certificate of conformity of exam of computer of title of in former years extends in the meantime, the requirement that get card is Alexandrine.

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