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Organize hall of human affairs of ministry, province according to provincial Party committee " Guizhou Province chose the announcement that hires college graduate to hold the post of job job to concern item to the village 2008 " (Guizhou person is connected [2008]157 date) file regulation, do research decision via city guiding:

1, on September 1, 2008 constituent choosing hires personnel check-up to work in the morning (list detailed sees " net of talent of human affairs of abide by justice " " chose 2008 hire college graduate to hold a post to the village enter check-up and assessment staff list " ) .

2, the examinee that attends check-up please be sure to on September 1 in the morning 8: 00 carry this person Id, written examination to allow textual research and check-up fee before (each 200 yuan) arrive on time rostrum of municipal government square is headed for centrally, must not be late.

City guiding does earnest warn extensive candidate for an entrance examination and parent, should notice to rest before examinee check-up with food, after check-up gets up in the morning that day, cannot water and take food, lest affect check-up result. If fail because of examinee individual reason,affect check-up result, consequence is conceited.

Hereby announcement

City of abide by justice guides do
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