About official of city of abide by justice admitted by examination 2008 the anno
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Basis 3 class mechanism united province, city, county 2008 the face admits by examination publicly to the society hold the position of chairman section member the following etc comparatives the blame of functionary administrative levels leads functionary official (contain consult officeholder law runs office < unit > staff member) admit by examination working arrangement, enter oneself for an examination it is OK that achievement of each position written examination mixes official of city of abide by justice to whether enter interview circumstance to have candidate for an entrance examination from now through landing " net of talent of human affairs of abide by justice " in " achievement inquires " sort of column input exam and date of standard textual criticism undertake inquiring.

Officeholder admits by examination interview time and the unified arrangement that the place works according to saving hall to admit by examination inform separately.

City of abide by justice admits by examination do

Two years on September 2