City of abide by justice 2008 city, county officeholder of two class mechanism a
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Basis " Guizhou Province 3 class mechanism united province, city, county 2008 face a society to admit by examination publicly officeholder general rules " spirit and province admit by examination the unified deploy that do, 2008 our city city, county officeholder of two class mechanism admits by examination interview job will be in a center on September 27, 2008 the city zone is held centrally. Enter oneself for an examination position of our city officeholder enters interview personnel interview to allow textual research to extend time is: Came on September 24, 2008 on September 26 (in the morning 9: 00 - afternoon 17: 00) . Extend place: Employ of bureau of occurrences in human life of town of abide by justice is allocated division. Ask each examinee to carry effective dweller Id and written examination to allow textual research to get interview to follow textual criticism. Interview place detailed sees interview follows textual criticism.

Ask each examinee to be sent word to each other, ensure place remains communication way effective and expedite. If because examinee oneself reason is brought about,did not attend interview on time, responsibility conceit.

Interview job refers a telephone call: 0852, 3119330.

Official of city of abide by justice admits by examination do
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