Phoenix ridge county 4 catch 4 strong urge professional team construction
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Phoenix ridge county is carry out energetically " the talent promotes a county " the strategy, develop talent resource, build the poineering atmosphere of environment of favorable choose and employ persons and comfortable harmony actively, adopt " 4 catch 4 strong " construction of team of qualified personnel of technology of major of aggrandizement entire county.

It is to had been caught admit by examination employ, aggrandizement management. Adopt unified admit by examination the way that recommends photograph union with assessment, introduce be badly in need of, in short supply talent. The institution will make public exam invite applications for a job this year183Renown, public assessment is introduced65Renown, cooperate door of Ministry of Education actively to assess (exam) teacher of hillock of spy of invite applications for a job62Renown. Science sets hillock to decide duty, union " 3 unripe " industry (industry of zoology agriculture, zoology, zoology travels) the need that with the society public service facilities admits, according to the change of the working duty of each institution and task, adjust a work out in time, science sets post, farther aggrandizement post manages. Build warehouse of qualified personnel of perfect and professional technology, had caught seriously "15851Talent project " the job, according to relevant condition and program, already recommended person selected of 2 administrative levels3Person selected of person, three administrative levels25Person selected of person, 4 administrative levels300Person selected of Yu Ming, 5 administrative levels7000Yu Ming. Strengthen title commissioner to be able to be built, do library of expert of commissioner of good city title to recommend put in storage and person selected of library of expert of prefectural title commissioner to recommend choose seriously. Dish living existing talented person, push a talented person reasonable flow, hold to principle of professional be geared to the needs of the job, oneself can apply for to transfer into post of professional be geared to the needs of the job works, call in the professional technology personnel that villages and towns mixes hillock stage by stage corresponding station () the job, urge talented person of technology of major of prefectural straight mechanism to basic level, to a gleam of reasonable flow, deploy professional technology talented person can utmost develops his the job on the post of professional characteristic. Strengthen person with ability of going from place to place to manage, intermediate the brain drain, apply for approval prefectural talent job leads a group to examine and approve, advanced the brain drain, after by unit, director branch and leader of prefectural be assigned personal responsibility for agree, examine and approve by conference of members of standing committee of county Party committee.
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