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My bureau has been carried out for serious study7Month21The Communist Party of China that day holds municipal Party committee of abide by justice 3 4 second collectivityThe Communist Party of China that day holds municipal Party committee of abide by justice 3 4 second collectivityExpandExpandConference spirit and7Month22The abide by that day holds plenary session of government of justice city people and spirit of conference of job of economy of half an year, hold conference of leading Party group and plenary meeting of global cadre worker respectively, undertook communicating study to conference spirit.

My bureau is in7Month29On the labour union of global cadre duty that day holds, worker of cadre of constituent overall situation learned seriously " abide by of the Communist Party of China justice the decision that municipal Party committee builds innovation city about increasing own innovation capacity " (draft) , Mu Degui's secretary in municipal Party committee 3 problems on 4 plenary meeting are " continue to liberate a thought to advance independently2008Year the relevant conference file such as the speech on municipal government plenary session and conference of job of economy of half an year.

Carry out for serious study fulfil good municipal Party committee, municipal government twice this to weigh big conference spirit, director Comrade Zhang Jiye combines the function of human affairs branch to ask, global cadre worker is to should continue to had learned seriously6Month13The city visitting an area that organization of day the Party Central Committee holds basically is in charge of like-minded conference spirit with central branch, the speaking spirit that consolidates thought and operation to central leader truly comes up, establish overall situation consciousness, service consciousness, responsibility consciousness, hardship consciousness, accomplish talk politics, defend discipline, consider general interest of overall situation, knowledge, enhance the sense of responsibility that does good own job and mission sense; 2 it is to want 3 to comprehend municipal Party committee serious study, deeply 4 times collectivity
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