The our city publishs new regulation: Personnel of technology of civilian battal
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Bureau of town occurrences in human life ties relevant policy, come on stage this year " the opinion that bureau of occurrences in human life of town of abide by justice organizes development to offer human affairs talent to serve about be economy of blame state ownership further " in make new regulation, support the development that is not state ownership economy energetically.

" opinion " point out, the our city will build the title that accords with economy of blame state ownership to organize a characteristic soundly to evaluate a system, the title evaluation work that organizes economy of blame state ownership brings into limits of work of title of branch of various government human affairs, with state-owned enterprise or business the unit waits to encounter together. Obtain professional technology to hold a post via exam or evaluation professional technology personnel of the qualification, economic organization presses blame state ownership to set post independently, the principle of own appoint to a position, need technical position of major of proper motion appoint to a position according to the job, orgnaization of journalist thing representative (license of department of classics human affairs, gain competence of human affairs representative) put on record. To contributing the outstanding and excellent person with ability that stress, can concern a regulation to enjoy relevant treatment by country and province, city.

Apply for economy of blame state ownership to organize the work, communicate a service center to deal with the graduate of old technical secondary school of formalities of human affairs representative via talent of branch of governmental human affairs, novitiate assesses eligible via unit of choose and employ persons completely, can concern formulary assess by the country primary and professional technical position holds a post qualification. Collection recruit those who be national official or institution staff member, the fixed number of year that its work in organization of economy of blame state ownership can be calculated continuously for length of service, the fixed number of year that holds the position of professional technical position in organization of economy of blame state ownership but of as professional as the institution technical position hold a post fixed number of year is amalgamative computation.
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