My bureau organizes development of global cadre worker to learn new party consti
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To learn better, comprehend, carry out seventeen great mind, improve the knowledge of cadre of Party member of human affairs system to connotation of new party constitution further, hold to the tenet of the party and discipline, enhance party spirit sense ceaselessly, produce the vanward type effect of the communist better thereby. Recently, my bureau carries activity of political vocational study, by deputy director general Comrade Peng Yueping made the new party constitution that coachs to be ordered to seventeen overhaul have special subject study.

Smooth deputy director general of Peng another name for Guangdong Province coachs in special subject middle finger goes out, of party constitution editing is progress of progress of our country society, times reflect, it is the theory to the party and the seasonable summary that carry out experience, represented the prime increase of entire party and the people of the whole country and will, it is a standard the basic standard that concerns inside consolidate the party organization of political life, attune within the party. Learn party constitution, should make clear already the great and real significance of modification party constitution, what should combine current human affairs person with ability to work more is actual, hold the end that human affairs talent works. Job of human affairs talent has policy sex and code sex the characteristic with taller sensitivity of very as strong, close as people relation, society, for policy of talent of safeguard human affairs carry out carry out, safeguard the personal interest of people, the harmony that maintains a society is stable, the Party member cadre of human affairs branch should combine the new requirement that party constitution raises, combine oneself own job, improve knowledge, apply scientific progress concept in the job, with scientific progress view all takes working overall situation; Want to hold to integration of theory with practice, the job that contacts cadre door is mixed actually the thinking of human affairs cadre is pragmatic, improve level of academic accomplishment, policy, professional ability and political quality; Want to accomplish a study sth in order to apply it, innovation job mode, innovation serves a mechanism, realize job of human affairs talent hard good rapid harmonious development.

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