City of abide by justice " 15851 talents project " news propaganda work coordina
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August6Day, to carry out municipal Party committee better spirit of 3 4 plenary meeting, implement strategy of talent strong city further, to achieve the construction of new-style city to offer intelligence is propped up and the talent assures, our city organization is held "15851Talent project " propagandist work coordinates the meeting. 15851Talent project " propagandist work undertook arranging disposition in detail.

On the meeting, it is good to catching that director of bureau of occurrences in human life of undersecretary of ministry of organization of municipal Party committee, town Comrade Zhang Jiye communicated secretary of municipal Party committee Comrade Mu Degui construction of innovation talent team, 15851Talent project " important directive of the job. Secretary of municipal Party committee Comrade Mu Degui is passed recently listen to "15851Talent project " working progress report, the requirement organizes human affairs branch to want to be guidance with the seventeen great mind of the party, implement scientific progress concept in the round, around innovation city construction, the education that enhances innovation person with ability, choose and use; Want with "15851Talent project " for carrier, for the our city " 3 new one strong " with the talent strong city strategy offers a talent to prop up with intellective safeguard; Should cogent had done "15851Talent project " of person selected recommend, choose and authorized job; Want to increase propagandist strength, exert oneself publicizes what municipal Party committee, government works to the talent to take seriously, the contribution that propagandist innovation talent makes and they have deep love for abide by justice, construction abide by justice, dedicate the advanced achievement of abide by justice, Build "Esteem works, esteem knowledge, respect a person with ability, respect creation" atmosphere; Want to had done each servive routine, create the condition with better creation for talent of each administrative levels.
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