Our city exert oneself catchs good title to evaluate construction of expert comm
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The our city evaluates construction of expert commissioner library to strengthen a title, optimize structure of team of contented title commissioner, promote commissioner team whole quality, accomplish objective, just, fair, comprehensive assessment professional technology qualified personnel, ensure the title evaluates working quality, get on the base that establishing expert commissioner warehouse in last few years this year, enlarge commissioner choose limits further, strive to induct more and professional attainment inside whole town limits this major with fair and deep, decent, excellent way or the expert with professional close enter library of commissioner of our city expert.

Person selected of expert commissioner library, strict undertake according to formulary standard, condition, program choose is mixed recommend. County (area, city) take the lead by branch of human affairs of each district government, by the commendation of make known to lower levels of bureau of town occurrences in human life commissioner number begins choose to commend the work, city is straight the commendation that the unit presses make known to lower levels of bureau of town occurrences in human life related each commissioner number undertakes commendatory. Course of library of evaluation expert commissioner basically includes built title the series such as education, project, politics labour, agriculture, beast, share put in storage of member of more than 1000 experts, to expert of put in storage, will have classified government by professional, course, need according to what title work develops, complement ceaselessly and perfect, execute trends management. Information of expert commissioner library will serve as the basis that establishs each series title to evaluate committee, the commissioner meets a member will arise randomly from inside personnel of expert commissioner warehouse.

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