Bureau of town occurrences in human life is communicated seriously carry out pro
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In August22Day, bureau of town occurrences in human life organizes global cadre worker, the relevant requirement that to provincial Party committee spirit of 10 3 plenary meeting and municipal Party committee hold leader cadre congress to implement spirit of plenary meeting of provincial Party committee had development study.

On cadre duty labour union, the serious talk that deputy director general Comrade Yu Qidong communicated secretary of provincial Party committee Comrade Shi Zongyuan and Guizhou provincial Party committee 10 3 second collectivity (expand) conference spirit, histology of group leader of record be careful in one's conduct Comrade Li Lianhua reviewed secretary of municipal Party committee Comrade Mu Degui is in city of abide by justice to communicate carry out provincial Party committee the speech on congress of cadre of leader of spirit of 10 3 plenary meeting.

Basis of secretary of leading Party group of bureau of town occurrences in human life, director Comrade Zhang Jiye spirit of conference of provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee, It isWant serious study to carry out good provincial Party committee 10 3 second plenary meeting and spirit of congress of cadre of leader of municipal Party committee, the requirement that consolidates thought and operation to municipal Party committee of provincial Party committee truly comes up, establish overall situation consciousness, service consciousness, responsibility consciousness, hardship consciousness, enhance feeling of the crisis sense that makes good job, sense of urgency, mission and sense of responsibility, with real operation cogent had done work of each human affairs. 2 beWant to be chance in order to implement spirit of conference of municipal Party committee of provincial Party committee, business of combinative human affairs works, contrast oneself is on the thought, on style, on ability, the problem that society of incommensurate current economy develops on the job, search the inadequacy of existence, cogent increase the capacity that promotes scientific development, deal with the ability of 5 respects such as the ability of sudden incident, ability that serves masses, ability that does thought politics work, ability that guides social public opinion, build human affairs department truly for civilian, deal with concrete matters relating to work, clean-fingered, efficient mechanism. In searching problem process, should contrast establish top-ranking mechanism, zone first-rate team, pay top-ranking government, achieve top-ranking outstanding achievement, contend for top-ranking seat, tree the requirement of top-ranking figure, search whether to accomplish talk politics, say a principle, stress Party character, consider dispute of overall situation, differentiate; Whether to accomplish strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions, defend discipline, tell program, tabulation to lead; Whether to accomplish love hillock to respect property, work hard, tell dedication; Whether to arrange relatively fixed study time, whether to have decorous interest interest, self-conscious edify sentiment, promote integrated quality; Whether to establish masses truly idea and for the basic level consider, thought that serves for basic level, conversion is accomplished to think in the job; Whether to accomplish study professional work seriously, be clear about working function, adroitness control is located the business of working station, become the connoisseur expert of own job; Whether to accomplish pay attention to solidarity, harmonious, mutual respect, understanding, maintain group image self-consciously; Whether to accomplish ego strict requirement, ego rises, ego pressurization, ego is perfect, careful alone, Shen Wei, careful travel.
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