Development of bureau of town occurrences in human life begins caution to teach
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My bureau begins ideal for development belief and clean-fingered take up a political career education, build firm refus corrupt to prevent the thought morality line of defence that change from fountainhead hard, carry out in the round fulfil in the center of " build punish soundly and prevent corrupt system2008,2012Year the job plans " , bureau leading Party group builds the job in the party conduct Lianzheng this year in, as party conduct caution education Lianzheng builds important category of education. According to party conduct Lianzheng builds the job to arrange a plan, 8Month19Day, worker of cadre of constituent overall situation began caution of anti-corruption initiate cheap to teach an activity.

In caution education activity, the relevant document that my bureau organized global cadre worker to learn party conduct Lianzheng to build seriously and city discipline appoint, city censorial bureau compiles and print " typical case caution teachs chrestomathy " medium relevant table of contents, join the opposite case with the typical in recent years comparison of our city happening, began with case education learning discipline. Bureau leading Party group wants worker of cadre of demand perfection bureau, it is every average per capita should use business hours, be opposite seriously " typical case caution teachs chrestomathy " in all table of contents undertake be readinged seriously, the union after be being read draws up the result is experienced actually; 2 it is to improve knowledge further, understanding begins caution to teach mobile importance and necessity, establish correct world outlook, philosophy, viewpoint of value, improve thought politics quality ceaselessly, enhance public servant consciousness and refus corrupt to prevent change ability; 3 it is to adopt understanding opposite model, deep lesson is drawn in be good at con model case, learn a lesson, alarm bell is long cry, accomplish self-consciously from beginning to end " Chang Xiuwei politics heart, Chang Sai is killed concupiscently, Chang Jiefei cent thinks, Chang Huailv already heart " ; 4 it is a self-conscious sturdy and good faith, be self restrained strictly as the serious content that reinforces party spirit culture, in the study that blends in oneself, life, job, increase clean-fingered take up a political career, the consciousness of clean-fingered self-discipline, boycott all sorts of inactive and corrupt phenomena effectively erode, accomplish do not make frame-up friend, do not go to the ground of ungodliness, do not take ill-gotten wealth, do not touch unhealthy tendency, do not be illegal thing, be no good not De Zhiju; 5 it is to abide by law and discipline strictly, accept organization and masses self-consciously supervise, with more determined manner, stronger step, steadier work, catch good party conduct adamantinely to Lian Zhengjian is set and turn over corrupt job; 6 it is to fulfil obligation seriously, any moment cannot careless, will implement concept of very scientific progress with good way, promote the development that human affairs talent works, the job of job of talent of each human affairs that finishs good annual.
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