Bureau of town occurrences in human life weaves " handle affairs guideline " con
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Bureau of occurrences in human life of town of abide by justice conducts business of relevant personnel matters for object of convenient and wide service, handling affairs to serve an object to save time and reduce number going there and back while, improve the work efficiency of human affairs branch and working quality hard, increase government affairs to make public strength ceaselessly, branch of combinative human affairs is main the duty of function and ben orgnaization, wove detailed " handle affairs guideline " .

" handle affairs guideline " administrative or technical offices of branch of work out content presses the division that hire shift (army turn do) , thing valve division, one's deceased father earth up division of center of division, salary division, talent division, talent, exam center, code (the arbitration does) , the order of title division. Handle affairs in the business of each human affairs of each section office in the guideline, made clear file basis, conduction program in detail, provide the content such as phone of data, conduction time limit, note, connection, the personnel that need handles affairs is passed read " handle affairs guideline " relevant content, if press a requirement to prepare relevant data,section office is dealt with related bureau of immediate personnel matters reaching city, can save handle affairs time and reduce needless number going there and back.

Current, bureau of town occurrences in human life is in will print book " handle affairs guideline " give each county (area, city) human affairs branch and city are straight relevant unit while, still will " handle affairs guideline " medium content is in website of talent of human affairs of abide by justice undertook issuance. The service object that if need to pass net of talent of human affairs of abide by justice to know business of human affairs of bureau of town occurrences in human life,handles matter, can be in after opening home page of website of talent of human affairs of abide by justice, click " government affairs is public " column, choice " handle affairs flow " enter, handle affairs with respect to what can see each section office directly the guideline refers optionally.
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