Phoenix ridge county is fostered energetically " 4 model " rural agrestic person
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Phoenix ridge county combines this county actual, the rural area that develops 4 kinds of types energetically is practical talent, to advance socialism construction of new rural area offerred strong person with ability to support.

Develop knowledge person with ability. Use county Party committee to teach a net Party school, remotely, begin farmer science and technology to groom energetically the job, groom content with each Xiang Huinong policy, grow the use of breed technology, Internet is given priority to, let more farmer pass long-range education net and knowledge of science and technology of Internet study agriculture, know market level, and according to market trends, adjust industrial structure in time, reduce market risk, cogent increase farmer income. Since this year, already groomed farmer2000More than person-time, build science and technology to groom base2, build demonstrative base of science and technology1.

Develop skill person with ability. Phoenix ridge county develops a service to output an industry energetically, pay attention to a service to output personnel skill to groom. Adopt groom group by group in installment means, be opposite early or late3000More than farmer, undertook growing of the intellectual skill such as establish, building, mechanical maintenance, sew groom. Through grooming, the farmer basically mastered1-2Door profession skill, realized labor to output by labor model to skill change, widened further farming of herdsman add receive channel. End this year3Lunar base, labour force of entire county accumulative total transfers a number to amount to8More than 10000 people.

Develop sale person with ability. Rely on development " rich zinc Fu Xi " the organic food industry such as tea, high grade paddy is chance, expand further rural agent team, pay attention to a quality opposite taller, the rural able person with quick mind is fostered into rural agent. Held this year with " labor law " , " labor contract law " , " business law " wait for the rural agent that is main content to groom class, raised the sale level of rural agent, enhanced the legal consciousness of agent and service consciousness, in produce sale, rose to contact the sale of the market, stimulative produce, effect that reduces market risk.
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