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As of the end of 2009, a total of 38,369 college graduates Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region by workout type to primary reserves, 20,914 college graduates in the reserve to achieve a stable employment after the expiration of a string of ... ... the number of flashes is the Mongolia Autonomous Region have forged innovative personnel training methods are the fruits. Since 2003, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in close connection with the overall economic and social development, establishment and implementation of grassroots-oriented, business-oriented, future-oriented college graduates to new talent as the main target of the reserve system . Through seven years of exploration and practice, Inner Mongolia personnel reserve system has matured and improved employment system implemented after the training by the first selection after the selection to the first change in culture, to achieve the government's macroeconomic control and market allocation of the organic Combination, known as the allocation of human resources in the way of a major breakthrough. Talent pool in three ways - Market-driven policies to guide government guidance Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, according to Director of the Office of Human Resources and Social Security Zhao Shiliang description: "In the implementation of the personnel reserve system, our guide through the government, the allocation of talent has been strengthened macro- control; through policy guidance, personnel Further defined the science-oriented configuration; through market-led allocation of talent supply and demand contradictions be resolved. " When the talent pool of ideas presented, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region party committee and government to strengthen the role of government guidance, issued "on talent into the area to further speed up the view", "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region for SMEs And non-public enterprises selected reserve university graduates plan "and other related documents. Since 2003, been set up around the local Party committees and government leaders as the Director, a member of the personnel departments Reserve a leading group to develop programs, the introduction of policy, allocation of funds, a strong talent pool to promote the establishment and implementation. In terms of policy guidance, autonomous regions and intensify the "talent on further accelerating the views into the area," explicitly requires: "To all types of enterprises and the rank priority areas as the talent pool," while Provides that "reserve personnel to maintain strict control over imports, for the use and storage, storage with combined reserves of usually two years." Regional party committee and government of these policies and regulations, which greatly promoted the talent pool to work smoothly. Country attaches great importance to the talent pool in the role of the market to play, through the organization of the General Assembly, personnel exchanges, the organization sent personnel and other channels, for the grassroots, business talents. Ning County personnel reserve established service centers, specialized Responsible for reserve management and service personnel, reserve personnel for the establishment of clear and specific files, the implementation of personnel agency. Talent pool three forms - Exercise training-style-type reserve reserve reserve-style think tank In a recent interview, Human Resources and Social Security Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Deputy Director Wang Shun told reporters: "We explore the establishment of a new talent reserve system, the fundamental principles for the use and storage, storage with a combination of dynamic Management, its core is the "reserve," "remain," "use", "education." Through constant exploration and innovation, personnel training and reserve system formed type reserves, reserves and think-tank-style-type training three forms of reserves. " In the interview, the reporter channel, exercise-style reserves, is the selection of outstanding graduates at the grassroots level and the enterprise a certain period of probation, attachment, exercise. By college students around the towns and villages in Inner Mongolia, "three of a help" to the production line attachment, attachment to the form so that students get good exercise, but also a valuable reserve for the primary line of talent. As End of 2009, a total of 38,369 college graduates go through the exercise of the grass-roots type reserves. Hulunbeir implemented Arong residency graduates to work out an open selection of 50 strong technology, and cultural qualities of the graduates with residency Exercise. Tongliao developed a corporate reserves of talent management approach, funding, research project, living conditions and so inclined to the business talent pool to form a support and encourage college graduates to the corporate officers, business Atmosphere. Culture refers to the grass-roots style reserves, business and scientific research of outstanding line to achieve stable employment for college graduates focus on training. In recent years, by around Examining and Employing Officials and institutions open recruitment, labor contracts with enterprises and other various channels to help exercise the expiration of the outstanding talent pool to achieve stable employment, training for the future development of high-level Times reserve personnel. As of the end of 2009, there were altogether 20,914 in the reserves after the expiration of college graduates to achieve a stable employment, and gradually become the backbone of the employer. Bayannao'er personnel, establishment, finance and other departments closely with Together, for the exercise expired, examination of qualified talent pool to achieve stable employment to explore a variety of channels: Outstanding talent pool may be appropriate to reduce the reserve period; no empty series of institutions within the system transfers from the establishment. Link Liao City, additional staff requirements and institutions give priority to the selection from the reserve talents in employment. Think-tank-type reserve is to hire experts and scholars "think tank" for local economic and social development of brainstorming Over adherence to the "not to do everything, but to the" principle, work through the hiring of experts on a regular basis, short-term services, remote services to solve key technical problems, etc., multi-faceted, multi-channel, multi-form of the introduction of much-needed Talent and intelligence, to create new competitive advantages of regional talent. As of the end of 2009, various types of storage for the 1653 high-level personnel. Up to now, autonomous regions and has hired 43 academicians, 31, chief expert, Talent pool of five mechanisms - Use of selection and training of security assessment First, the establishment of the selection mechanism. Examination and assessment of Inner Mongolia and other methods around the reserve by a large number of highly educated, high-quality, high-level talent. Tongliao identified by investigating the needs of reserve positions and professional positions, and strict Grid in accordance with the selection of reserve personnel procedures to ensure that the targeted reserve personnel selection. Second, to establish training mechanisms. Great emphasis on the reserve throughout the training and development, increased training efforts. Tongliao City Hospital has sent three reserve personnel to Beijing, Harbin, Dalian, and well-known hospitals in 5 Times short-term training. Third, the establishment of use mechanisms. And flexible use of talent around to promote the talent pool as the core system, trying to reserve their place qualified personnel, with the time, the exhibition director. Hulunbeir Arong "three of a help" big Students and staff at institutions the same management, equal distribution of workload, the same assessment, but also with its overall performance, we recommend excellent students serve as deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League or the township schools, hospitals, deputy secretary of Youth League Duties. Fourth, the assessment mechanism. Around the reserve talents for the establishment of a standardized profile, regular assessment, sum up. Personnel department and the reserve talents Bayannur sign a "voluntary practice and training agreement", 2006 Since there are 4 people were failed the examination was to cancel the agreement. Fifth, the establishment of protection mechanisms. In recent years, local governments to actively explore the establishment of the talent pool of the security system in time for the service to honor during the service life of treatment, from the policy and system to ensure good people It's healthy development. Bayannao'er 200 million included in the budget year, fiscal year Chifeng Nanjing County talent pool arrangement 100 million special fund, reserve personnel Tongliao 600 yuan a month to enjoy the government subsidy, the unit subsidies Less than 400 yuan. Looking to the future, long way to go. Innovative Talent Cultivation of Inner Mongolia to improve the system, a sound mechanism, full implementation of the "Prairie excellence" projects, and constantly improve the talent pool system, and gradually form a "talent pool - - Stable employment - recruitment selection - the development of talent "talent employment chain, training and selection of chain, chain growth and success.