2011 Shanghai Culture Industry upcoming job fairs
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Salon Oriental workplace Organizer: Shanghai propaganda personnel exchange center personnel Co., Ltd. Shanghai Oriental International Media planning: Zhang Yan Qi Yang Lei Time: 2010 12 月 18 日 (周六) 9:00-15:00 Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center, West Building II (No. 1000 Yan'an Road) 500 posts help wanted Promote the system by the personnel exchange center in Shanghai hosted the Shanghai Oriental International Ltd., and Shanghai media Oriental Culture Talent Human Resources Consulting Services Company Limited, the fourteenth session of the Shanghai Cultural industry professionals in 2011 Expertise in recruitment will be held on December 18, 2010 at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, held in the West Building II. The recruitment system will promote the city's major enterprises and institutions mainly, but will also invite some of cultural and creative enterprise and outside the system The city unit to participate in cultural industries, recruitment positions involving the press, publishing, printing, economic management, administration, accounting, guide, advertising, distribution, marketing, art design, network management, typesetting, planning, culture Waste management, animation design, animation production, web game development and digital publishing more than 300, more than 500 personnel needs. Become a theme of the four characteristics Shanghai Talent special recruitment cultural industries since 1998 has been successfully held the thirteenth, in response to the call of country and city to support the development of cultural and creative industries, the current recruitment, we will set up a culture of innovation Italian industrial recruitment area, and the cultural and creative industry park and the booth fees under the terms of corporate giving relief. Shanghai Talent 2011 special recruitment cultural industries than previous, mainly intended to reflect the following characteristics: 1. Propaganda system and institutions for the first time the city the scene of open recruitment. The job fair will be host city to be a collection of well-known institution for unified information system of open recruitment site, the other will draw on the "Eastern intellectuals Only network "also carry out online recruitment. Gradually," online recruitment throughout the year, on-site recruitment at the end of organized "in a fixed mode of recruitment, Shanghai culture industry professionals will eventually be playing a special recruitment cultural industries Shanghai The most authoritative institution on-site open recruitment platform. In addition, the organizers will promote the city system, according to the actual situation of smaller institutions, reduction of charge recruitment fees. 2. Cultural and creative city park to park for the first time as a registered business name of a unified recruitment. To better serve the city to provide quality cultural and creative industries, professional services, except with the previous host of cultural and creative enterprises as organizations Industry visits, but also intends to try to park by the city focused on the major cultural and creative enterprises inside the park, up a unified recruiting and hiring as the case may park fee waiver. Thus, in addition to more limited use of the site job fairs For more cultural and creative businesses to provide recruitment services, recruitment companies can reduce these costs. 3. The district and the establishment of relatively independent cultural institutions, industry recruitment area. Main unit of the formation of propaganda, cultural and creative industries and city districts emerging, industry and cultural institutions both interrelated and independent of the recruitment model Type. 4.3 Priority for the World Expo service personnel. The job fair will be just over 184 days for the Shanghai World Expo hard work of volunteers provides a unique service platform. Organizers will give priority to volunteers who recorded the information Into the talent pool, and achieved a favorable opportunity for future career development. Secondly, all volunteers resume the Expo will be recommended to all enterprises and institutions give priority to HR, in order to seek some of the time more competitive position to obtain advantage. This If, after a suitable jobs and opportunities, the organizers will give priority notice for volunteers to provide them with job opportunities. In addition to the above four features, this job fair will also adhere to the characteristics of previous service, will participate in recruitment of personnel into all the material culture of industry talent in the repository for the employer to continue after the selection in the recruitment of , And according to the needs of the employer, supporting a series of tracking services. There are a few booths available for reservation The job fair will be located at the current exhibition have been identified include: the Jiefang Daily Newspaper Group, Wenhui Xinmin United Press Group, Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, the Shanghai Museum, a major site of Memorial Hall CPC, Chen Yun Former Residence Qingpu Revolutionary History Memorial Hall, the Shanghai Century Publishing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing (Holdings) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Library, Shanghai Science and Technology Information Research Institute, Shanghai Printing (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai East Fang international media personnel Co., Ltd., Shanghai Oriental Culture Human Resource Consulting Services Ltd., Shanghai Institute of Professional Education and other cultural talents. There are still a few booths available for reservation, we warmly welcome the city's cultural industry development of enterprises and institutions come to the consultation setting. Hotline: 5230909062817169 Contact: Zhang Yan Qi, Kang red orange, Han Jian Organizer: Shanghai propaganda talent exchange centers (Personnel Permits: 058) is directly under the CPC Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the institution, Of the Shanghai Association vice president of talent agency units. Co-organizers: Shanghai Oriental International Media professionals Co (talent license: 397) for information systems personnel exchange center in Shanghai investment holding company, is committed to the professional culture of the industry's leading human resources services Institutions. Co-organizers: Shanghai Oriental Culture Human Resource Consulting Services Limited (talent license: 563) is a talent exchange center in Shanghai propaganda investment holding companies, mainly for the city who provide a wide range of cultural and creative enterprises Human resources professional services.
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