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Person of abide by city connects 〔 2008 〕 28

Each county (area, city) human affairs of ministry of Party committee organization, government (human affairs labor and social security) bureau, city is straight departmental door:
To strengthen officeholder team construction, optimize personnel structure, enhance body energy, basis " officeholder law " hall of human affairs of spirit and ministry of organization of provincial Party committee, province " send about the newspaper admit by examination publicly 2008 the announcement that officeholder plans " (Guizhou person is connected [2008]49 date) regulation, complete 2008 province faces a society to admit by examination publicly chairman section member and the officeholder that are not leadership post below unite an exam working general this year the 2nd quarter is held. Inform as follows with respect to concerned item now:
1, the regulation according to the province, officeholder admits by examination this year in province, city, county 3 class undertake. Hall of human affairs of ministry of organization of provincial Party committee of the classics before April 20, 2008, province makes clear the institution that to consult officeholder system runs to be able to appear in the newspaper admit by examination plan.
2, admit by examination the object basically is complete province this year's or go to an above of three-year institution of higher learning is graduate (do not contain appoint earth up unripe) , the age is in above of 18 one full year of life (be born before June 30, 1990 namely) 35 one full year of life are the following (be born after June 30, 1973 namely) . Each district each unit should according to " officeholder law " regulation, from be helpful for widening induct a talent the eye shot that pick a person, extensively to set out, widen train of thought, scientific protocol admits by examination the qualificatory condition that position place requires.
3, according to admitting by examination post needs, will continue 2008 system of exam of classification of try out position. Admit by examination position cent is A, B, C3 kind, a kind basically be general management position; B kind basically be specific carry out and operate position; C kind basically be professional technology (the computer, accountant and foreign language) position. Each district is departmental of the door admit by examination plan position category should reach an unit according to afore-mentioned classified standards actual condition is reasonable and affirmatory.
4, to assure to admit by examination the job goes on wheels, straight departmental door must be in city inside work out limits, use schedule according to be short of hillock circumstance to be recorded at will admitting by examination before April 15, 2008 (after adding) , original of watch of work out of the member that salary manages manual go-between and photocopy, year enters a plan to send employ of bureau of town occurrences in human life to allocate family pool. Each county (area, city) be sure to plan summary table at admitting by examination this locality before April 20, 2008 (add data of Excel format electron) after reaching work out circumstance to send employ of bureau of town occurrences in human life to allocate family pool, leader of newspaper municipal government is authorized admit by examination plan number. (contact: Wang Qi, connect a telephone call: 3119330, 3119317) . Exceed the time limit does not sign up for regard as abandon attending to admit by examination publicly 2008.
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