Official of city, county is unified and public 2008 admit by examination general
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To strengthen construction of team of our city officeholder, optimize officeholder personnel structure, enhance body energy, basis " officeholder of People's Republic of China law " and " officeholder employ sets (try out) " , via studying a decision, 2008Year interconnected system of 3 class body faces province, city, county the society admits by examination publicly hold the position of chairman section member the following etc comparatives the officeholder of blame leadership post of functionary administrative levels (contain consult officeholder law runs office < unit > staff member, similarly hereinafter) . Admit by examination to ensure the job is finished smoothly, make this general rules (the following abbreviation " admit by examination general rules " ) . Police of people of collection of device of public security mechanism is special alarm position by " Guizhou Province abide by public security bureau of justice city public security bureau, Bi Jie area2008Year admit by examination publicly general rules of police of special position people " (accessory 5) set separately.

One, working program

Admit by examination the job admits by examination according to the work out plan, release admit by examination announcement, sign up reach qualification test, written examination, interview, physical ability to check (be restricted people police post) , check-up, make an on-the-spot investigation, fair show, the program that employ examines and approve undertakes.

2, admit by examination unit and position

Detailed sees " city of abide by justice2008Year interconnected system of two class body faces city, county the society admits by examination publicly leadership post officeholder is not under chairman section member (contain consult officeholder law runs office < unit > staff member) position schedule " (accessory one) .

3, admit by examination object and enter oneself for an examination condition

(one) admit by examination object
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