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The individual is basic data

Real full name: Dragon jade sexual distinction: Male at present seat: Abide by justice
Id number: 52262219800**** height: Seat of 168 census register: Guizhou
The birth date: 1980-9-12 nation: Other minority marital status: Maiden
Political appearance: The Youth League member

Educational setting (undergraduate course)

The school: Record of formal schooling of Guizhou industry university: Undergraduate course time: In September 2001---In July 2005
The first major: Earth proposes kind of the first foreign language: English the 2nd foreign language: Without
The 2nd major: Geological kind of competence: Good competence: Without
Once groomed experience with education:
Was graduated from major of project of earth of cliff of Guizhou industry university 2005.

Working experience

Time: In July 2005---In October 2008
Company: Bureau of mine of Guizhou Province land industry of courtyard of reconnaissance of the 2nd project: Estate / building / decorate
Branch: Environmental geology investigates position: Help industry
Once worked description:
Working description: Education of Hong Jiadu hydroelectric station jackarooed in April 2002 2 weeks; Guiyang black jackarooed when geological understanding in April 2003 2 weeks; Blew up in May 2003 task design reachs a building 3 weeks to demolish blow up exercitation (process designing designs) ; Hydroelectric station of river of Guangxi red water jackarooed in May 2004 3 weeks of; 2005 year company of hill of Guizhou cement mining plant blew up in March the project jackarooes designs of 2 Zhou Hebi job write; to attend Ma Biehe true syncline of catchment and path 1: 50 thousand hydrology is investigated character and the report is written and win a state outstanding award; Attend to go up really investigation of demonstrative project of dam underground river; Attend investigation of calamity of geology of county of abide by justice and report of division into districts to write bureau of the mine that obtain the land outstanding award; Attend many lash-up and geological calamity to evaluate, survey report; Attend reconnaissance of halfway building foundation and design of reconnaissance of edge slope processing, borrow review design study. Attend geology of Bi Jie city and environment of town of An Shun city to investigate an evaluation. Because want to be in this major (cliff earth project is professional) reconnaissance, design, construction develops somewhat, hope to change obtain employment to be engaged in the unit with this professional respect.

Intent of to apply for a job

1, course of study of position requirement group: Estate / building / decorate position category: Fundamental underground project / cliff earth project
2, position asks 2 industries: Do not be restricted position category: Building design
Hope work area: Guizhou company property: Do not be restricted
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