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The individual is basic data

Real full name: Brighting charming sexual distinction: Female at present seat: Guiyang
Id number: 51343419861**** height: Seat of 158 census register: Guiyang
The birth date: 1986-10-23 nation: Marital status of the Han nationality: Maiden
Political appearance: The Youth League member

Educational setting (specialized subject)

The school: Record of formal schooling of institute of profession of project of Guizhou science and technology: Specialized subject time: In September 2006---In June 2009
The first major: Manage a project kind the first foreign language: English the 2nd foreign language: Without
The 2nd major: Manage kind of competence: General competence: Without
Once groomed experience with education:
Middle school of Yuexi of cool hill city was saved to read high school in Sichuan to July 2006 in June 2002
Was in institute of profession of project of science and technology of Guizhou of city of Guizhou Province Guiyang to read three-year institution of higher learning to June 2009 in September 2006
Was versed in in Guizhou science and technology to June 2006 Cheng profession institute accepts ISO quality to manage a system to groom in March 2006

Working experience

Intent of to apply for a job

1, course of study of position requirement group: Estate / building / decorate position category: Data / the compose of documentation / editor
2, position asks 2 industries: Do not be restricted position category: Other
Hope work area: Guiyang company property: Do not be restricted
Hope monthly pay asks: Do not be restricted current condition: In school student, apply for a job ahead of schedule or seek a part-time job!

Ego evaluation

Have stronger study capacity, the job is serious and responsible, have certain constituent capacity.

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